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Porsche Design The Indicator

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Porsche Design The Indicator: Homage to the Carrera GT

The Porsche Design The Indicator is one of the most extraordinary watches. The model was launched one year after the Porsche Carrera GT in 2004, and like the super sports car, is an object of superlatives. Only 50 pieces of The Indicator were produced each year.

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Porsche Design The Indicator

A model with a digital chronograph

The most unusual feature of the 48-millimetre titanium chronograph is the digital chronograph display at three o'clock. While the seconds are measured by a conventional central hand, three number discs digitally display the measured hours and minutes on the dial.

Eterna cooperation with over 800 components

The production period of the early 2000s already reveals that the Porsche Design The Indicator is an Eterna production. The Grenchen watch manufactory was in Porsche's hands from 1998 to 2011 and has produced numerous racing watches for the company in addition to The Indicator. The elaborate calibre has more than 800 individual parts.

The Indicator and the Carrera GT

The design of the Porsche Design The Indicator pays homage to the Carrera GT. The chronograph pushers are based on the car's pedals and the Indicator's rotor design picks up on the striking rim design of the 612-hp super sports car. For example, the inside of the band is reminiscent of the racing tyre profile.

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