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Rado Integral

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Rado Integral watch models and prices in new, used and vintage condition

The Rado Integral collection

Innovation and quality are watchwords with Rado. For example, did you know that this company was the first to use high tech ceramics in its bracelets? The Rado Integral line blends such advanced technological details with a typically elegant design.

Rado Integral: a trendsetting collection


Rado Integral watch designs continually enthuse connoisseurs with unusual technological features and visual touches. The Swiss watch company presented the first Rado Integral watch models in 1986. Employing industrial grade ceramics previously unknown in the luxury watch market, it wouldn't be going too far to say that they triggered an overnight revolution. The overall design was equally strong, whether it's the graphic lines of the case and strap, or the metallized sapphire crystal that protects the watch's delicate workings.

The bold design of the Rado Integral perfectly reflects the company's fondness for pushing boundaries, and it continues to be a major part of the collection's appeal. Needless to say, every detail is carefully coordinated and thought through. As a result of this carefully considered design, a Rado Integral men's watch, for example, is equally at home with a daily business look, elegant evening wear or more casual attire. Wherever you're going, an Integral watch always works flawlessly and looks the part.

The Integral's popular models

Rado Integral: a varied selection

This is a company that understands style, wowing the watch world with brilliant combinations of colours and materials. All of the models in the Rado Integral range are built to be great all-round watches for every situation. Only the very best industrial grade ceramics, high quality stainless steel and impregnable sapphire glass are used in the production of these magnificent pieces. The Integral Quartz L (Ref. 111.0997.3.171) is a characteristic example of this mix of fine materials, capped off with a leather watch strap that matches the black dial with diamond trim.

As well as its classic black dials, Rado offers Integral watches in white dial versions too, which blend very well tonally with a light-coloured stainless steel case. The Rado Integral Quartz L (Ref. 111.0952.3.071), meanwhile, combines white metal and a rose gold PVD coating to create a much more bold colour accent. Browse the Rado Integral collection, and you'll find a glittering array of options, with something for every man or woman's wrist.