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MeisterSinger Watches

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MeisterSinger watches: their history, models and prices – new and vintage

The MeisterSinger watch collection

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The German watch manufacturer MeisterSinger has cornered its own niche market with the development of mechanical one hand watches. Headquartered in Münster, Westphalia with workshops in Biel, Switzerland, MeisterSinger is now the leader when it comes to these exceptional timepieces, displaying creativity and quality in equal measure

  • MeisterSinger was founded in 2001 by Manfred Brassler.

  • With its extraordinary one hand watches, MeisterSinger has made its own unique niche in the world of luxury timepieces.

  • MeisterSinger's precision timepieces are manufactured in Biel, Switzerland.

  • MeisterSinger was the first watch company in the world to develop a single-hand watch with a chronograph function.

MeisterSinger: a singular story of success since 2001


The entrepreneur Manfred Brassler founded MeisterSinger GmbH & Co KG in 2001. In the same year the company presented its first two models at the prestigious Baselworld watch and jewellery show. These were the No. 01 single hand watch and the Scrypto automatic, a three hand watch with a date feature. The name MeisterSinger is a reference to the world of music, one of Brassler's great passions, and it's a theme picked up in the brand's logo too.

Within five years, the company was selling well within Germany as well as exporting to France and the Netherlands. Then in 2007 MeisterSinger stunned the watch industry with another spectacular novelty – the monograph, the first single-hand watch with a stop function.

Time display difference

Focus on one hand watches

Over time, MeisterSinger's designers have developed a wide variety of high concept timepieces that have met with rapture from the watch community. Since the Baselworld fair in 2014, however, MeisterSinger has made the bold choice of removing all multi-hand watches from its portfolio. It now focuses exclusively on the core of the brand, single-hand watches.

This daring realignment is a typical example of MeisterSinger determination to make the most of the company's time in its own unique way. This preoccupation is reflected in the MeisterSinger “Rituals of Time” video, which argues that only by investing time in things do you get a quality product back.

Decelerate everyday life with MeisterSinger watche

With the creation of the innovative one hand watch, the German watchmaker MeisterSinger has reinvented how timepieces interact with their owners. Design wise, it takes the watch to limits of minimalism. More importantly, the basic idea of timepieces with just one hand is to slow down everyday life and help people to concentrate on the essentials.

Individual, needle-shaped pointers with a counterweight are the signature element of every MeisterSinger watch. Meanwhile, the dial is laid out a little like a ruler, adding another crisp design element.

Whether you opt for model no. 01, No. 02 or No. 03, with these fascinating hand-wound single-hand watches, reading the time is no longer something to be taken for granted.

New creations

MeisterSinger watches: refined models

After its initial success, the MeisterSinger company hasn't rested on its laurels. Instead it's still refining and re-interpreting its single-hand design. In addition to the standard one hand watches, MeisterSinger has also created timepieces with additional functions. The MeisterSinger Pangea Day Date, for example, catches the eye with its striking day and date ring, and then there's the MeisterSinger Neo Q with its flat case and chic date display.

In 2014 MeisterSinger launched a new model line with a specially developed mechanism, the MSH01. The needle pointer, the use of leading zeros before single digit numbers and closely spaced, ruler-style line indices all helped to make the Circularis an exemplary MeisterSinger, but at the same time it has a flair that's all its own. Introducing the company's next generation of manual wind movements, the MeisterSinger Circularis is a delight within and without.

Less is more

The power of simplicity

MeisterSinger has consistently won over watch lovers with the effectiveness of its pure, minimalist concepts, earning an ardently loyal following as a consequence. Mechanics enthusiasts and design aficionados alike are enthused by these graceful timepieces with their idiosyncratic touches. And the committees of some of the top international prizes have been equally supportive. MeisterSinger timepieces have wowed the juries of the iF Design Awards, the Red Dot Design Awards and WatchPro Watch of The Year, among others. The popular MeisterSigner No. 01 has collected the Golden Balance on several occasions, along with many other accolades.

Thanks to their unique aesthetic, MeisterSinger watches are also go down very well in the world of A-listers. Since 2011, MeisterSinger has employed celebrity chef Eckart Witzigmann as a brand ambassador, because taking the time to enjoy good cuisine fits in with its ethos of deceleration.