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Stowa Watches

Stowa: The history and prices of new and vintage models

Discover the world of Stowa watches online

The watch manufacturer Stowa has been producing high-quality wrist watches since 1927. The label knows how to combine classic design with timeless elegance to create watches that suit both men and women. The best craftsmanship, exclusive clockwork and the production of unique pieces have always been part of daily life in the Stowa factory.

  • Master watchmaker Walter Storz laid the foundation stone for today's successful company, Stowa, in 1927.

  • The Stowa family business was taken over by passionate watchmaker Jörg Schauer in 1996.

  • The highest quality matched with reliability characterises Stowa timepieces. They convey the true feeling of possessing something beautiful, good and true.

  • Unique pieces with individual characters are the trademark of these extraordinary timepieces that originate in the Black Forest.

A successful watch brand since 1927

The ambitious master watchmaker Walter Storz laid the foundation stone for the Stowa brand in 1927 when he founded a remanufacturing company. The company name Stowa is made up of the first letters of the second and first name of the founder. In the early days, Stowa reassembled and sold both pocket watches and wristwatches. As a general agent for the Swiss watch brand, Unitas, Stowa was an important player in the watch industry.

In 1935, the company moved its headquarters to Pforzheim where, three years later, a new factory opened. In the 1930s, Stowa produced a design masterpiece in the Bauhaus style that is still manufactured today - the Stowa Antea. During the Second World War, Stowa also made military watches including precise observation watches. Unfortunately in 1945, the new production facility at Pforzheim was destroyed during a bombing raid in the last days of the war.

A new beginning after the Second World War

The development of shock protection

The events of the Second World War did not discourage Walter Storz. He ventured into a fresh start in Rheinfelden where, among other things, watch parts were made for Stowa. Shock protection was developed here during this period, becoming well-known under the name Rufa-Anti-Shock. In the early 1950s, production at the original location in Pforzheim resumed.

Owing to their good price to performance ratio, Stowa watches enjoyed great popularity around the globe for many years. Stowa also survived the crisis in mechanical watchmaking with comparative ease, only a small part of the Rheinfelden production had to be abandoned.

For economic reasons, Stowa joined Pallas (the sales association of German watch manufacturers) in 1974. This union of Pforzheim watch factories acted cooperatively in the fight against the difficult market situations caused when low-cost quartz watches were introduced.

In 1996, shortly before the death of Werner Storz - son of the company founder - the Stowa name along with the brand was sold to the passionate watchmaker, Jörg Schauer. He worked in collaboration with creative head Hartmut Esslinger. Esslinger was the inventor of the Apple design language and founder of Frog Design, a company Stowa helped to a fresh start.

Exclusive watches with German precision

A piece of watch culture on the wrist - that is the goal of Stowa with its perfectly designed watches. The timepieces of the German manufacturer Stowa are characterised by the highest quality and reliability while conveying the pleasure of possessing something beautiful, pure and true, in keeping with the company's motto: Beautiful. Good. True.

All Stowa watch models blend the present with tomorrow's innovation, radiating originality, high-quality and aesthetics. Classic watch designs attest to the origins of the Stowa brand while being cleverly refined with new developments based on the principle "form follows emotion". Stowa timepieces undoubtedly rank among luxury watches, enchanting fans of Haute Horlogerie.

Tradition meets contemporary

In addition to a large number of classic watch models, Stowa has been offering sporty timepieces since 1963.

Stowa is currently producing the Seatime sports watch with a glass base and water resistance up to 300 metres. The range also includes the Prodiver with a solid base and water resistance up to 1,000 metres, as well as the sporty pilot series Testaf and GMT. Both of these are equipped with robust titanium cases and extra-thick sapphire glass.

For many decades, the classic pilot watch from Stowa has been a popular timepiece with a meaningful design. As part of the company's 70th-anniversary celebrations in the late 1990s, the Unitas 6300 N pilot watch was presented. This limited edition ran to just 100 pieces.

Excellent quality and award-winning design

Since the company started, the Antea series has always been an integral part of the Stowa portfolio. The classic Flieger model, as well as the Original and the Marine 6425 (limited to 200 pieces), have also become integral parts of the Stowa range. Like all watches from Stowa - Flieger Ikarus, Flieger Chrono and Chronograph 1938 all impress with their excellent quality and contemporary design.

Exceptional craftsmanship was also recognised by important representatives of the watch industry in 2002 when they selected the world's best watches. The limited-edition pilot watch, Bremen D 1167 was among these. The Stowa Antea was awarded the Golden Balance, once again demonstrating that these Black Forest watches can stay abreast of global competition. Stowa continued to build on this success in 2012 and 2013, occupying the top spots with the Flieger Chronograph and the Marine Chronograph.

Individual timepieces

The Stowa engraving

Stowa watches are distinguished worldwide by a number of characteristics. It is these individual touches that make your dream watch unique. Stowa watches can be given a personal dedication, forever linking the timepiece to emotional memories.

For many years, classic engraving was only used for embellishment and decoration but Stowa modernised the field of engraving, specialising in the individualisation of watches. Numerous individual parts can be designed according to personal taste whether it is for a gift, as a permanent token of a memory or for a special occasion. Limitless wishes and the seemingly impossible are realised by the finest handiwork from the Stowa workshops.

Stowa watches at CHRONEXT, new, used or vintage

Dependability and capability are not only promised by high-quality watches from Stowa, but by CHRONEXT as well. Are you looking for a dream luxury watch? Then you have come to the right place at CHRONEXT. Our extensive online shop offers a large selection of watch models from renowned watch brands.

Every watch purchased from CHRONEXT goes through a strict inspection regime, guaranteeing the high quality and authenticity of every luxury watch. An in-house certificate proves this authenticity, leaving you in no doubt that you have bought a truly luxurious property. Regardless of whether you choose a classic pilot's watch or a sporty titanium model from Stowa, CHRONEXT has the perfect timepiece for every taste.