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Rolex Tiger Eye


A watch for connoisseurs at CHRONEXT

In the 1960s, Rolex released an exceptional GMT Master: the Tiger Eye. The brown-gold GMT enjoys a high reputation in collector circles and yet is an underdog that watch lovers can still purchase at fair prices. In our CHRONEXT Shop, you will find impressive specimens of the Rolex Tiger Eye - immediately available and with a certificate of authenticity.

The Tiger Eye

GMT in brown-gold

The model was launched in the early 1960s, about ten years after the launch of the very first Rolex GMT Master with the reference number 6542. After the GMT Master was available with an initial black or blue-red bezel (Rolex Pepsi), Rolex then launched a brown-gold bezel. At the same time the Tiger Eye, which was also available in solid gold, was the first GMT Master in bicolour. The name "Tiger Eye" comes from a gemstone known as the Tiger Eye in Germany - the colour similarity between the stone and the appearance of the watch is striking. This Rolex is also known as Rolex Rootbeer.

Although the Tiger Eye is sometimes referred to as the Rolex GMT Master Eye Of The Tiger, this nickname actually belongs to the Rolex Daytona with the reference number 116588TB, whose dial is made of diamonds and represents the distinctive pattern of the tiger skin.

A watch for connoisseurs

To this day, the Tiger Eye Rolex model remains an underdog: many collectors prefer a Pepsi GMT or more desirable models before discovering individualists like the Tiger Eye. In addition, bicolour watches from Rolex and other brands have long been unpopular. All this is gradually changing: bicolour is back in vogue - Oris is even bringing out bicolour models made from a stainless steel/bronze mix - and the Tiger Eye is moving even further into the focus of aficionados and connoisseurs. When a Rolex Tiger Eye appears at collectors' meetings, it's sure to be one of the highlights.

The Rolex Tiger Eye GMT in detail

A Rolex Tiger is instantly recognisable: its brownish-golden appearance needs little attention to be recognised immediately. However, the exact details only reveal themselves on closer inspection:

  • Brown-gold, sometimes only brown bezel
  • Bicolor case in stainless steel and yellow gold
  • Bicolor bracelet in stainless steel and yellow gold, either jubilée or oyster band
  • Many Tiger Eye models have a so-called nipple dial, in which the indices have a larger gold setting
  • The dial has a charming brown tone

There are many generations of the Rolex Tiger Eye. While the model was first launched as a four-digit reference and continued to be built as a five-digit reference, Rolex launched a current version of the Tiger Eye in 2018. The models with the references 126711CHNR and 126715CHNR are available in full gold or bicolour (Everose Gold) versions. Both models have a brown-black bezel and a black dial.

Buy the Tiger Eye from CHRONEXT

Prices for the Rolex Tiger Eye are still at a fairly low level. Especially in comparison to top-rated models, the Rolex Tiger Eye price is currently still within a reasonable price range. If you want to buy a Tiger Eye, now is the right time: if you buy earlier, you save money. Buying at CHRONEXT offers many incentives: Each of our watches comes with a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. Also, you can pick up your new watch in one of our worldwide pick-up locations, trade in a watch with us and benefit from the many other options we offer. Learn more about us and our services on our homepage.