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Sinn 900

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Sinn Fliegeruhr pilot 900: Models and prices in new, used and vintage condition.

Sinn Fliegeruhr 900

Based in Frankfurt am Main, this German company is renowned for making extraordinary wristwatches that boast an impressive technical underpinning. The Sinn Pilot's watch 900 series is a prime example of sophisticated engineering teamed with strong, functional design.

Sinn Pilot's watch 900: the great aviation chronograph

Since they first appeared in 1961, Sinn timepieces have found favour with people who appreciate watchmaking wizardry. Combining several key Sinn technologies, the impressive models in the 900 series are considered to be fine examples of fully working instrument chronographs. The finished pieces deliver maximum reliability in terms of timekeeping and functionality, and they're not short of sporty elegance either. These complex, multi-purpose chronographs have a variety of useful functions packed onto a clear, easily readable dial face.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between a 900 DIAPAL, 900 Fliegeruhr or 900 Fliegeruhr S. All the watches in the 900 series are multifunctional chronographs with high quality movements. Protection against water, cold, scratches, pressure changes and magnetic fields – these come as standard throughout the aviator collection. Thanks to this all-round durability, the series certainly earn the right to be considered first-class instrument watches. Not only are they held in high esteem by professional pilots, they're also very popular with watch lovers around the world.

Lubricant-free anchor escapement

The design of the Sinn 900 combines several of the company's proprietary technological advances. The DIAPAL lubricant-free anchor escapement is a particular draw for horology fans. This patented system employs a special mix of materials which eliminates friction, meaning there's no need for lubrication. In turn, this helps to keep the watch working at an optimum level for even longer. The large pilot's chronograph also has Ar-dehumidifying technology, which again was developed in-house. Stopping the watch from fogging up during the sudden onset of cold, this is another way of increasing the timepiece's lifespan.

The satin-finished, stainless steel housing of the Sinn 900 is hardened and rendered scratch-resistant with TEGIMENT technology. A must for pilot's watches, this model also has magnetic field protection of up to 80,000 A/m. Meanwhile luminescent dial markings provide optimal readability in the dark. Likewise the stop function is operated through a rotating ring with illuminated markings.

Inside the 900 DIAPAL, a SW500 anchor mechanism with automatic winding ticks away with unwavering precision. On the back of the housing you'll find a metric to standard conversion chart. This is a handy tool for serious pilots, as well as being a visually attractive feature.

The functional, precise Sinn Pilot's watch 900

The 900 Flieger and 900 Flieger S models set new standards in terms of functionality. With their smart contemporary design, these models build on the technical advances of their predecessors. Precision and functionality are still paramount, but lots of thought is also given to a stylish, ergonomic layout that takes into account the user's comfort. All of this enhances the original role of 900 chronographs as practical instruments for the wrists of pilots. The black galvanized dial of the 900 Flieger model is particularly eye-catching in the 44 mm case of satin-finished stainless steel.

Sinn 900 Flieger S

Another important Sinn Pilot's watch 900 variant, the Flieger S TEGIMENT showcases the brand's attention to detail and finish. The housing is hardened using TEGIMENT technology and provided with a durable PVD coating (a method whereby another metal is vaporised and then applied to stainless steel). Thanks to this combination of processes, the Flieger S TEGIMENT is more than capable of meeting the demands placed on a long-lasting pilot's watch. Even after many years, you won't see the colour coating chipping off, and this increases everyday usability many times over. The dial is housed under sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides, a further clever touch that pilots will appreciate. And within, the anchor escapement of the Sellita SW 500 movement offers automatic winding and perfect accuracy.