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Tudor Fastrider

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Tudor Fastrider: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Tudor Fastrider

Tudor timepieces are characterised by a distinctive and sporty style that is reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s watch designs. The Tudor Fastrider embodies classic race car elements such as a tachymeter scale and a chronograph. Furthermore, the stylish design of the timepiece exemplifies the strength and energy of the motorsports world.

Tudor Fastrider

A watch of a special kind


Tudor was established on March 6, 1946, as a subsidiary of the exclusive watchmaker, Rolex. The Tudor name would go on to change the market with innovative ideas. The brand stands for reliability of the highest quality and Tudor timepieces are priced just under that of their mother company, Rolex.

Just like Rolex, the Tudor brand primarily focuses on sports watches equipped with the highest performance and the strongest resistance to external environmental elements. Tudor has cooperated with the motorcycle manufacturer Ducati since 2011. The two companies share a common denominator when it comes to high-demanding clients. Furthermore, both companies place a great importance on exceeding the expectations of their fans. The collaboration between Rolex and Ducati has resulted in the Fastrider – a watch for motorsports enthusiasts who are fascinated by speed and performance. Fastrider models are characterised by the design elements of Ducati motorcycles and thereby generate an almost instantaneous recognition factor.

The Fastrider collection impresses with functional mechanics and a unique overall style. The timepiece combines the best from both Swiss watches and Italian motorcycles.

Outstanding robustness

The utilisation of ceramics in the Tudor Fastrider line

Tudor was able to gain watchmaking knowledge in the field of ceramics when it developed its Pelagos collection. Their extensive ceramic knowledge was then further applied to the production of the Fastrider Black Shield, resulting in the impressive strength and robust capabilities of its case, middle case, and bezel. The Fastrider Monobloc case is produced as a single part that is made of high-tech injected ceramic. The Tudor Fastrider Black Shield raises an entirely new level of quality in the watchmaking world. What makes the technique so special is that the case is not simply coated with ceramics but is instead comprised completely of one single piece of ceramic.

Furthermore, the robust watch is water resistant up to 150-meters and thereby exhibits the best performance on land and in water. All models found within the Fastrider line feature a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement that comes equipped with a power reserve of approximately 46 hours.

Tudor Fastrider BlackShield

Inspirational forces of nature

The Tudor Fastrider is symbolic of the unstoppable strength and force of nature. The overall design of the watch is reminiscent of the unleashed energies of nature and powerful volcanic realms.

The Black Shield version of the Tudor Fastrider (Ref. 42000CR) recalls the explosive force of an erupting volcano. The watch is completely protected with matte black ceramic, which reminds the wearer of the soot and ash spewed from a volcanic eruption. The watch indices and hour markers are complemented with red accents and prompt the image of strong and solidifying lava. The Black Shield strap is available in either rubber or leather, both of which effortlessly resume the matte black tone of the watch case.

Resilience and energy

A reinterpretation of the Tudor Fastrider BlackShield

A second variant of the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield (Ref. 42000CN) juxtaposes the original watch with somewhat of a more restrained overall design. The matte black case is complemented with dark brown tones, creating a sense of connection to mother earth. Deviating from the stark force of the previous model, the timepiece evokes the determined and resilient strength of soil.

The second Tudor Fastrider Black Shield model is optionally available with two bracelets. The first bracelet option is composed of a non-woven microfiber in beige brown Alcantara. The look and feel of the material is reminiscent of suede. A strong black seam runs through the outer edges of the strap, adding a touch of rugged aesthetics to the timepiece. The second bracelet option is made of rubber and is fastened with a safety strap that is PVD treated – a vacuum deposition method that is used to deposit thin films.

Impressive technology & exceptional design

The incomparable Fastrider Chronograph

The Fastrider collection is comprised of models that easily convince – among them being the Tudor Fastrider Chronograph (Ref 42000.). The timepiece is equipped with practical indicators, including a small seconds subdial at the 9 o’clock position, a 30-minute totalizer at the 3 o’clock position, and a 12-hour totalizer at the 6 o’clock position. Furthermore, a date display is placed between the 4 and 5 o’clock position that can easily be adjusted with the rapid date corrector located at the 9 o’clock position of the middle case. The technical aesthetics of the watch are optionally manufactured in black, silver, or white.

The Fastrider chronograph is also equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement that is fitted with a power reserve of approximately 46 hours. The crown of the watch is made of stainless steel and is sleekly engraved with the Tudor logo. Stainless steel is also used in the production of the fixed tachymeter scale.

The Fast Rider Chronograph also makes use of the PVD vacuum coating process. The matte black PVD treatment is applied to the crown and the push pieces of the watch.

Tudor and Ducati

A unique partnership

The Tudor and Ducati partnership has stood strong since 2011. A new version of the Tudor Fastrider Chronograph (Ref. 42000D) was produced in order to celebrate the fruitful collaboration between the two companies. The chronograph stands out not only due to the technical details that initially impressed watch collectors but also due to optical aesthetics that is reminiscent of both fine watchmaking and daring motorbike racing. The dial of the chronograph incorporates bold red elements that are directly associated with the Ducati brand. Additionally, the totalizers and small seconds hand provide an aesthetically pleasing contrast to the watch face. The three stripes that are incorporated into the strap of the watch also remind the wearer of the Ducati brand. The sporty stripes are continued onto the dial of the watch in a stark black. Furthermore, the cylinder pushers add a subtle touch the motorbike inspired timepiece.

It is not only watch companies that create timepieces in celebration of the world of motorsports. In celebration of the initial Fastrider collection, Tudor and Ducati collaborated in the design and production of the Ducati Diavel Carbon motorcycle. This powerful motorbike also incorporates red accents, further connecting them to the distinct Fastrider watches.