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Rolex Day-Date Gold Watches

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Rolex Day-Date Gold Watches: The Presidential Watch

The Rolex Day-Date is the most exclusive model from the Swiss luxury manufacturer. The watch was introduced in 1956 and has since been available exclusively in the precious metals gold and platinum. Because the Rolex Day-Date all-gold version has been worn by several US presidents, it has been nicknamed the "President's Watch".

Often, a Rolex Day-Date gold watch is the crowning glory of a watch collection. However, it can also be the one watch, especially in understated white gold, that reliably accompanies its wearer for decades. Thanks to the water-resistant Oyster cases and the robust manufacturer calibers, all Rolex Day-Date Gold watches are capable of withstanding almost all the challenges of everyday life. Also, the different model options allow an individual choice of the perfect watch. One of the most sought-after models is the Rolex Day-Date Gold/Green with a green dial.

At CHRONEXT, you can get the Day-Date in yellow and white gold at fair prices with the option of immediate delivery. Discover our huge range and let yourself be inspired. Our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty and free return shipping included with every purchase.

Six decades, four alloys

There are now four different variations of Rolex Day-Date Gold watches:

- Yellow gold

- White gold

- Rose gold (until 2005)

- Everose gold (since 2005)

The classic material of Rolex Day-Date Gold watches is made of 18-carat yellow gold, and the radiance of its warm gold-tone is a source of great pleasure on the wrist. Meanwhile, the white gold models are appreciated for their understatement. Their gold tone is often mistaken for steel, so the precious material usually only comes to light in a direct comparison.

Until the introduction of the developed Everose gold in 2005, Rolex used rose gold. Which of the two similar gold tones deserves preference is a matter of taste. It is often said that the Rolex Day-Date Gold is most likely to flatter ladies in rose or Everose gold.

Numerous design options

Rolex Day-Date Gold watches are available in many different versions:

- Generation: four-, five- or six-digit reference

- Diameter: 36 or 40mm

- Material: Yellow, white, rose, everose gold; platinum

- Bezel: Smooth, fluted

- Bracelet: Oyster, President or leather strap

- Dial: Various colors and versions; optional: stone setting

While the Rolex Day-Date Gold has been available with a diameter of 36 millimetres since its launch in 1956, the manufacturer brought out the masculine Day-Date II in 2008. Since 2015, this has been sold in a slightly revised form as the Day-Date 40 and represents a perfectly proportioned Rolex Day-Date men's model in gold.

As for the different dials, Rolex has launched countless versions over the decades. The Day-Date Gold/Black, in particular, has always been one of the great classics but a champagne-coloured dial is also a timeless option for yellow gold Day-Dates. In recent years, the Rolex Day-Date Gold/Green, like the yellow gold Daytona with the green sunburst dial, has also become one of the most sought-after model variants. The Day-Date Gold's olive-green dial, which has applied Roman numerals, is the most popular.

Buy Rolex Day-Date Gold Watches Vintage and New at CHRONEXT

One of the great advantages for finding a great Rolex Day-Date gold watch price is the immense variety of models which has grown for over six decades. The newer Day-Date models are perfectly finished, while the older ones, especially vintage models, have a lot of charm. They are great to wear on leather straps. In our online shop, you will find both new, pre-owned and vintage examples of the Rolex Day-Date in gold. All models come with our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty, which our watches receive after an extensive inspection by our certified watchmakers.