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Rolex Datejust Rose Gold Watches

Rolex Datejust rose gold: A classic in a golden guise

The Rolex Datejust rose gold is one of the most elegant Datejust variants. The rose hue flatters every skin tone, whether in full gold or the two-tone Rolesor version. The Everose alloy, specially developed in Geneva, ensures that the rose gold retains its colour for eternity. Thanks to numerous diameters, the Datejust in rose gold, which has been produced since 1945, is a perfect watch for ladies and gentlemen.

At CHRONEXT, you can get the Rolex Datejust in rose gold for immediate delivery. We also offer many other models from the Datejust collection at attractive prices. With us, you are in safe hands. Every model is inspected and authenticated by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers before each sale. Our 24-month warranty is included with every purchase.

The charm of the Rolex Datejust Rose Gold

Rose gold has been used in the Rolex portfolio for decades. While the reddish shimmering precious metal was once rarely encountered, it now has a firm place in the world of fine timepieces. Justifiably, rose gold is now one of the most popular shades of precious metal; it embodies understated luxury and perfectly suits every skin type. The weight also contributes to the charm of the material. Anyone who once had a heavy, warm gold watch on their wrist rarely finds their way back to the light, cool stainless steel models.

Rose gold Datejust from 26 to 41 millimetres

The Datejust, which has been in production for around 80 years, plays off its elegant charm best in the shimmering reddish rose gold. Several new diameters have been added to the collection, and older variants are only available second-hand. Thus there is an expensive variety of the Rolex Datejust in rose gold on the new and second-hand markets today. In total, the following sizes are available:

- Datejust 41 rose gold (bi-colour)

- Datejust 36 rose gold (bi-colour and full gold)

- Datejust 31 rose gold (bi-colour and full gold)

- Datejust 28 rose gold (bi-colour and full gold)

- Datejust 26 rose gold (bi-colour and full gold)

While the Datejust rose gold models for women range from 26 to 31 millimetres; the 41-millimetre version is an excellent rose gold model for men. The men's wristwatch is available as a sporty bicolour version. However, the classic Datejust 36 in rose gold is still the most popular model with both sexes. It can be bought new as a steel/gold variant or pre-owned as a full gold model.

The secret of the Everose alloy

Rose gold, like many other gold alloys, loses its characteristic hue over time. To conceal this effect, white gold watches, as an example, are often rhodium-plated. With the Everose gold alloy, Rolex has succeeded in developing a colour-stable alloy. This gold alloy, which was specially invented, patented and produced in the manufacturer's foundry, was introduced in 2005 and replaced rose gold, which had previously been referred to as such. While the older watches are still made of the former rose gold alloy, the newer Rolex Datejust rose gold models are only made of the everose gold.

Buy a Rolex Datejust in rose gold at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT you will find numerous Rolex Datejust rose gold and Rolesor Everose models. Benefit from our large selection of more than 7,000 luxury watches and secure immediately available models and find an attractive Rolex Datejust rose gold price. In addition to new and unworn watches, you can also obtain pre-owned Datejust rose gold and vintage variants in our online shop.

100% original: With CHRONEXT, you are in safe hands. Our certified watchmakers inspect and authenticate every watch. This is guaranteed by our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty, which we issue with every purchase.