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Patek Philippe Nautilus Gold Watches

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Whether new or old: Patek Philippe Nautilus gold watches are always a highlight

When Patek Philippe first introduced the Nautilus in 1976, the Geneva-based manufacturer made a decisive contribution to the hype for stainless steel sports watches that continues to this day. For decades, the collection has been one of the most sought-after luxury watches globally: the Patek Philippe Nautilus gold watches are an exclusive rarity as vintage specimens, while the newer references are exciting and sensible alternatives to the stainless steel model.

At CHRONEXT, you can get the coveted Patek Philippe Nautilus in gold or stainless steel – at extremely fair prices including a 24-month warranty. Each watch has been inspected for authenticity by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers.

Advantages of Patek Philippe Nautilus gold models

Though the Nautilus was originally conceived as a stainless steel sports watch, the Patek Philippe Nautilus gold watches are among the most exciting references in the collection. The gracefully polished case and bracelet of the various generations are much better displayed in gold; the gold Patek Philippe Nautilus's warm material gives the flat, elegant watch an incredible lightness. Besides, such a model is in most cases the highlight of a watch collection, which is why a Patek Philippe Nautilus in gold is suitable as the crowning glory of any collection simply because of the desirable material. This applies to both the old and newer references.

Most recommended Patek Philippe Nautilus gold watches

Whether you're looking for a Patek Philippe Nautilus solid gold or steel/gold, after some 50 years, the variety of gold watches is thankfully wide, so there's a perfect watch for almost every taste. If you are looking for a bicolour Nautilus, the second reference generation 3800 offers the widest choice. If you are looking for a Patek Philippe Nautilus in solid gold, the following references are more than worth a look:

- Ref. 3700/1J and 3700/11J: Original reference of the Nautilus in yellow gold.

- Ref. 5711/1R: Nautilus (three-hand model) in rose gold produced since 2006

- Ref. 5740/1G: Nautilus with perpetual calendar in white gold

- Ref. 5980/1R: Nautilus with chronograph in rose gold

At Patek Philippe, the "J" in the reference number stands for yellow gold, while rose gold models bear an "R" and white gold is designated with a "G".

Freestyle for Vintage Collectors, Opportunity for New Watch Buyers

Patek Philippe Nautilus gold watches make the hearts of all kinds of watch lovers beat faster. For vintage collectors, the search for a perfect gold Nautilus is an endorphin-fuelled chase – true to the motto "the chase is better than the catch". After all, vintage gold variants of this model are extremely rare. From the original Ref. 3700, for example, only around 1,600 copies were made.

On the other hand, those who prefer to buy a new watch have the best chances with the Patek Philippe Nautilus Gold: on the one hand, the availability of these gold watches is a lot better than that of steel watches, and on the other hand, the difference between gold and steel is so small due to the stainless steel hype that buying a gold reference can be quite worthwhile because of the luxurious material.

Buy a Patek Philippe Nautilus gold watch at CHRONEXT

Visit our online shop and secure the best Patek Philippe Nautilus Gold price. With us, you will find numerous gold variants of the Nautilus available either immediately or at short notice. Since our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers carefully inspect each model before selling it, you can also buy vintage watches such as the Ref. 3700 from us without hesitation – we guarantee this with our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. We also offer attractive financing and trade-in options in Germany. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone, email or live chat!