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Rolex White Gold Watches

Rolex white gold watches: from Datejust to Yachtmaster

Full gold watches are the ultimate luxury, especially when the bracelet is also made of gold. Not only is the warm appearance of yellow, rose and white gold particularly flattering. The weight also gives the precious gold watches a pleasant presence on the wrist. One of the highest forms of luxury is a Rolex white gold watch. While each white gold Rolex looks like a stainless steel model to the untrained eye, it is a precious and particularly prestigious solid gold version. Thus white gold watches for men and women offer two superlatives at once, luxury and understatement.

Whether you want a white gold Rolex or yellow gold watch, at CHRONEXT you will find the largest stock available for immediate delivery. Say goodbye to waiting lists and receive your favourite timepiece within a short time. Each model has been certified and authenticated by our in-house watchmakers before every sale. This is guaranteed by our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.

Rolex white gold variants available in almost all collections

Especially in recent years, Rolex has launched many white gold models. There is a watch in precious white gold in almost every collection:

- Rolex GMT-Master: White gold with Pepsi bezel

- Rolex Submariner: White gold with blue bezel

- Rolex Daytona: White gold with matching or Oysterflex bracelet

- Rolex Day-Date: White gold case and bracelet

- Rolex Yachtmaster: White gold Yachtmaster II or Yachtmaster with Oysterflex bracelet

- Rolex Datejust: White gold Datejust 31

While some watches, such as the Day-Date, are only available in precious metals, other models are only available in white gold. This is the case with the Yachtmaster and Datejust, which is produced by Rolex in only 31 millimetres as a white gold ladies' model.

Rolex white gold bezel: The icing on the cake for steel models

In addition to solid gold models, Rolex is also known for its fluted white gold bezel, which is a special highlight on the Date Adjust and Sky Dweller models, which are otherwise made from the specially developed 904L Oystersteel stainless steel alloy. While the Sky-Dweller stainless steel Sky-Dweller is only available with the Rolex white gold bezel, the Datejust is available with either a smooth stainless steel bezel or with the fluted bezel in 18K Rolex white gold.

The white-gold bezels are not only one of the hallmarks of the Swiss manufacturer, but they also add that special something. When exposed to light, they sparkle particularly strongly and stand out from the rest of the watch due to the warmer white-gold tone. The same bezel is also used on the Rolex white gold Day-Date models, depending on the configuration, and the rest of the case is also made of white gold.

Buy a Rolex white gold model from CHRONEXT

If you want your next watch to be in white gold, visit our online shop and find the best Rolex white gold prices. Thanks to our selection of more than 7,000 watches from over 80 luxury brands, we have the perfect model for every wish. You can also buy various Rolex white gold models from us without waiting lists and with immediate delivery!

With CHRONEXT, you not only benefit from excellent deals, but also from exclusive services such as our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty. We guarantee the authenticity of every watch. In this way, you are in safe hands with us if you wish to buy a used Rolex watch in white gold. If you have any further questions, you can easily contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat.