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Rolex Day-Date Green

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Rolex Day-Date Green: Flagship Model with Hype Leaf

The Day-Date is by far the most exclusive model from the Swiss manufacturer. The collection is sold exclusively in gold or platinum and is known as the President's Watch since numerous US presidents have worn this model. For some years now, the green dial has been experiencing a real boom. Thanks to its configuration options, the Rolex Day-Date Green is available as a colourful highlight or a luxurious understatement model.

At CHRONEXT, you can get the coveted Rolex Day-Date in green for immediate delivery. Discover a wide selection of the Day-Date collection at fair prices and secure your desired model before it is out of stock. Free return shipping and our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty are always included.

Rolex Day-Date in olive green and green ombré

Green is one of the most popular dial variants of recent years. The timeless hue is not only an excellent contrast to more colourless watches but also a real wrist-flatterer. Green watches by no means have to be flashy. While the green Submariner already enjoys cult status and has gained notoriety outside the watch community, the Rolex Day-Date in green is a model for watch lovers and connoisseurs.

The Day-Date with a green dial can be configured in numerous ways. Along with the dial, variations include the diameter, the bezel, the strap and the material of the watch. Rolex offers a total of two green dials: The "Green ombré" dial is characterised by a colour gradient from the centre of the dial to the outside. It has an attractive stone setting and is available exclusively with the Rolex Day-Date Gold/Green (yellow gold) in 36 millimetres. The olive green dial with Roman indices is reserved for the Day-Date in 40 millimetres and can be selected with the following case materials:

- White gold

- Everose gold (rose gold)

- Platinum

Exclusive luxury or understatement?

Thanks to the collection's wide range of configuration options, the model portfolio offers something to suit every taste. If you want to buy a horological highlight with the Rolex Day-Date in green, the yellow gold 36-millimetre version with the "green ombré" dial is recommended. The combination of yellow gold, the electrifying green and the stone setting makes this Day-Date a feast for the senses. In sunlight, by the way, the model acquires an incomparable radiance.

If, on the other hand, you appreciate simple understatement, the green Rolex Day-Date in white gold or platinum is best suited to you. At first glance, these noble materials are usually perceived as stainless steel; the green hue of the olive-green dial is also extremely discreet. The platinum Day-Date is even a little more restrained than the white gold model because of its smooth bezel. You can get the model in green/white gold with either a fluted or a diamond bezel.

Stella Dial: The first Rolex Day-Date in green

Although green dials have only become popular in recent years, the company already offered a Rolex Day-Date in green in the 1970s and 1980s. With the so-called "Stella Dials", the Geneva manufacturer has been producing enamelled dials in bright colours since the 1970s. These included colours such as light and dark green, turquoise, coral, oxblood and salmon. The name "Stella" is not a nickname: officially, the colourful timepieces were listed in the catalogues as "Lacquered Stella". These Stella Day-Dates fetch top prices at watch auctions these days.

Buy a Rolex Day-Date in green at CHRONEXT

In our online shop, you can buy the world's most sought-after luxury watches without waiting lists, and this also applies to the Rolex Day-Date in Green. The prices of popular models have been rising continuously for decades; the Rolex Day-Date Green price, in particular, has made a whopping leap in recent years. The rule here is: if you strike faster, you save money.

100% original: With our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty, we guarantee the authenticity of every watch. This is issued by our certified watchmakers after extensive testing for new, used or vintage models.