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Rolex 114300

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual: Ref. 114300

Behind the Rolex Ref. 114300 is the 39mm Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Rolex presented this watch at Baselworld in spring 2015 and it is one of the simplest models of the Geneva luxury manufacturer. Many wearers appreciate the 114300. Thanks to its understated appearance, the 114300 is a perfect wearer's watch for every day and is an elegant variation of the Rolex Explorer.

The Rolex Ref. 114300 is regarded as an entry-level watch in the world of fine timepieces and impresses with its fair price-to-performance ratio. At CHRONEXT, you can buy an exclusive selection of the 39-millimetre model online. The watch comes with a certificate of authenticity and our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.

Behind the Rolex 114300 reference number

The Rolex reference numbers always follow a specific scheme. Reference number 114300 indicates the following characteristics:

  • The six-digit reference numbers have been gradually introduced since the 2000s. These are the highest quality Rolex watches with solid bracelets, perfect case finishes and modern materials.
  • The "11" at the beginning shows that the watch contains calibre of the penultimate generation. The in-house 3132 mechanism is adjusted to +/- 2 seconds, offers a power reserve of around 48 hours and is one of the most reliable calibres in the industry. It is not for nothing that Rolex mechanisms are known as indestructible tractors.
  • The "0" at the end indicates that the 114300 is made of stainless Oystersteel. Oystersteel is an alloy of 904L stainless steel developed and manufactured by Rolex. This alloy is used in the aerospace industry, among others, and is particularly resistant to corrosion.

The Rolex 114300 in detail

The Oyster Perpetual: function and name simultaneously

The name of the 114300, Oyster Perpetual, can be confusing at first glance. Every Rolex model contains this name. The Rolex Ref. 114300 is the specific name of this watch, but in general, it is a functional designation: "Oyster" stands for the water-resistant Oyster case with its simple, striking shape. "Perpetual" refers to the automatic winding mechanism that each Rolex calibre has. The naming of the Rolex 114300 fits this watch perfectly since the Rolex Oyster Perpetual combines all the classic, characteristic Rolex features in a simple watch. It is, in a way, "reduced to perfection".

Wide variety of models

In addition to the 39mm Rolex 114300, the Oyster Perpetual is also available in diameters of 26, 31, 34 and 36 millimetres. There are also five different dials in the following colours available from CHRONEXT:

  • Black
  • Dark Rhodium
  • Red grape
  • - Blue
  • White
Secure and simple

Buy a Rolex 114300 from CHRONEXT

Rolex watches made of stainless steel are among the most sought-after models on the market. These models are only available from concessionaires with waiting times that can last years. In our online shop, you will find numerous variants of reference 114300, which are available immediately or at short notice. These include new, unworn Rolex Ref. 114300 models as well as pre-owned watches available at particularly good prices. Thanks to our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty, you enjoy maximum security in both authenticity and functionality. What are you waiting for?