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Rolex Steve McQueen Watches

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CHRONEXT exclusive: Rolex Steve McQueen Models

A number of celebrities delight in the legendary status of the Rolex Steve McQueen. The passionate racing driver and actor Steve McQueen, who died in 1980 was a huge Rolex fan. Different sports models from the Swiss luxury manufacturer were often seen on his wrist and now are coveted vintage watches.

Authenticity Motorsport

Pure Rolex Steve McQueen

50 years after his death, Steve McQueen is still an unrivalled style icon. So far, no other person has made masculinity, authenticity or casualness statement as much as McQueen. He was best known for his absorption in masculine motorsport and western films. His longstanding passion for motorsport was the engine behind his preference for durable tool watches. During his time, it was clear that Rolex had a unique liking for McQueen. No other watch stood for more reliability, precision and robustness as the traditional Geneva manufacturer.

The Rolex Steve McQueen 1655 Watch

In additional to his love for the Rolex Submariner which was in 2018 almost auctioned off by Phillip’s auction house, Steve McQueen was also seen wearing more of the Rolex Explorer 2 which was manufactured between 1971 and 1985. Although there is no photo of him wearing it, the Explorer was one of his favourite models. As a result, it was named the Steve McQueen Explorer.

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With the Steve McQueen Explorer only having been produced between the 70s and the 80s, today, it is only available as a vintage watch. Previously, the 1655 model was difficult to sell, which made it harder to find good copies of the Explorer. Depending on the condition, accessories and age, the Rolex McQueen price is roughly between 13,503- and 44,996-pound sterling.

When it comes to Rolex Steve McQueen Prezzo vintage watches, there is a lot to consider. Take advantage of our two-year CHRONEXT warranty. We give as a promise on every used watch we sell. In our CHRONEXT watchmaker workshop, every brand is checked carefully and certified before being sold.

Paul Newman

Apart from Steve McQueen, the other Rolex aficionado was Paul Newman. He too had a weakness for the brand and motorsport. Also an actor, Paul Newman was an avid racing driver. In 1979, he won the second place at Le Mans 24 hours with a Porsche 935.

Contrary to popular belief, Rolex McQueen Daytona does not exist. McQueen is largely known for the Explorer and the Submariner which are named after him, while Paul Newman is a popular name for the Paul Newman Daytona which is also named after him. Paul Newman wore a Daytona with the Ref. 6239 and a white dial.

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