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Rolex Smurf


Rolex Smurf at CHRONEXT: The Only White Gold Submariner

The Rolex Smurf is probably the rarest and most valuable watch in the Submariner line. It features white and gold colours and has a bright blue dial. The watch owes its name to the similar blue Smurfs and has been quite popular among watch lovers.

Rolex Smurf Watches

Nuggets of Gold for Professional Divers

The Rolex Smurf Ref. 116619LB is considered a luxury watch. The Rolex Submariner was originally released in 1953 and is meant to be used by divers. Professional divers can use it for dives of up to 300 metres. The Rolex Smurf combines the water-resisting features with a luxury case and strap that features 18-carat solid white gold.

Gold Submariner Since 1969, White Gold Submariner Since 2008

The yellow gold submariner, Ref. 1680/8, was released 16 years after the introduction of the Rolex Submariner. However, the white gold version was released much later. The Rolex Smurf Submariner entered the market in 2008, which was much later, and since then, it has been highly valued. Since it is extremely rare, the watch has been coveted by collectors since it was released to the market. It features a restrained metal colour, which is also quite attractive.

Rolex Smurf for Sale at CHRONEXT

The Rolex Smurf price has been going up, even in recent years. It was released on the 100th anniversary of the Rolex brand, and it is not clear whether the company will release a successor model. Today, more collectors and enthusiasts are opting for precious metal watches because of the ongoing stainless steel boom. For this reason, the price will still go up. You should, therefore, think of getting the watch sooner rather than later. If you shop for the watch at CHRONEXT, you will not have to deal with long waiting lists. You can just pick up the watch at any of our locations and get it adjusted for your wrist size.

Rolex Submariner Smurf

Small but Fine Details

The Rolex Smurf Submariner differs from the stainless steel models in a few aspects, as you will see below:

  • The dial of the watch is lacquered while the other watches feature non-black dials. As with the Rolex Hulk, the intensity of the colour depends on the brightness.

  • The links in the middle of the bracelet are polished. Normally, this polish is reserved for precious metal models.

  • The Rolex Smurf gold is warmer and greyish in colour, but to note this difference, you will have to observe the watches closely. The watch is heavier than other watches in the line as it weighs more than 200 grams.

The Rarest Rolex Smurf

White Gold Prototype Ref. 1680

Unknown to many, the Rolex Sub Smurf is the new version of a white gold prototype of the vintage reference 1860, which was created in the early 1970s. This prototype was designed with an integrated white gold bezel that did not have any aluminium. It also had a dark blue dial that featured a nipple dial. When designing the watch, the company used a President’s bracelet and a bark pattern as a bracelet. Today, only three watches exist from the prototype. One of these was sold to Christie’s in May 2017 in the ’A Rolex Afternoon’ auction for $628,572.