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Breitling Navitimer Black

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Breitling Navitimer in black: AOPA's classic aviator

The Navitimer was developed before other aviation icons such as the Rolex GMT-Master or the Omega Speedmaster. Initially sold exclusively as the official timepiece of the international pilots' association AOPA, the distinctive chronograph has been an integral part of professional aviation for around 70 years. Above all, the Breitling Navitimer Black, which corresponds to the historic original model, and the luxurious Breitling Navitimer Black/Gold are among the most attractive models today.

At CHRONEXT, you will find a huge selection of the Navitimer collection at attractive prices – including variants with a black dial. Discover models available for immediate delivery and choose your favourite model while stocks last. All watches are inspected for authenticity by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers. We guarantee this with our 24-month warranty, which you receive with every purchase – whether new, used or vintage.

Functional Chronograph for Professional Pilots

The Breitling Navitimer in black is designed to meet the needs of professional pilots. The complex slide rule of the characteristic pilot chronograph allows numerous calculations to be carried out on the wrist, which are essential in the air. The following features are built into the models:

- Airspeed

- Instantaneous or total fuel consumption

- Climb or descent rates

- Flight times

- Conversion of units, e.g. from nautical miles to land metres or kilometres

In addition, users can carry out classic multiplication and division calculations with the slide rule. For example, the conversion of currencies or other three-set tasks, which can also be of great use in everyday life of non-pilots.

Breitling Navitimer in Black and Black/Gold

While the Breitling Navitimer in black has been the most famous model since 1952 and is made of classic stainless steel, the Navitimer black/gold variant is a perfect fusion of classicism and modern luxury. The model selection in bicolour and full gold models is overwhelming thanks to the 70-year history and offers the right black dial model for every taste. While yellow gold cases are a sought-after rarity and can be found predominantly in vintage models, the Grenchen-based manufacturer focuses mainly on attractive rose gold cases for all-gold models.

Exclusive production for AOPA

The manufacturer is closely associated with aviation. In 1940, Willy Breitling had a slide rule developed for the Breitling Chronomat, which enabled pilots to perform numerous arithmetic operations directly on their wrist. After the international pilots' association- Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)- commissioned Breitling to produce an exclusive pilot's watch, the manufacturer finally presented a further development of the Chronomat with the Navitimer. For this reason, the dial did not bear the Breitling logo in the first few years, but only the AOPA coat of arms.

It was not until 1956 that the Navitimer was sold outside AOPA and thus became available to the general public. At 41 millimetres, the progressively sized wristwatch was a striking tool watch. Due to its distinctive appearance, it quickly found lovers all over the world. Like the very first Ref. 806, the current Breitling Navitimer in black has a black dial that ensures the best possible readability. In honour of the very first Navitimer model, Breitling even presented a re-edition of the original Ref. 806 in 2019, which, like its predecessor, bears the AOPA logo on the dial.

Buy a Breitling Navitimer in black at CHRONEXT

If you are looking for a Breitling Navitimer in black, visit our online shop and discover your dream model. We offer new and used Breitling watches at attractive prices. For pre-owned models, you can expect particularly smart deals like lower Breitling Navitimer in black prices. Each watch is inspected for authenticity and quality by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers before sale and then comes with our 24-month warranty. In this way, you are in safe hands and enjoy maximum security.

Have the Navitimer you want delivered safely and free of charge to your home or, if you wish, collect it from one of our CHRONEXT Lounges worldwide. You only pay on-site and have the opportunity to try on the model without obligation before you decide to buy.