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Rolex rumours 2022: These novelties are the most probable

Rolex rumours 2022: These novelties are the most probable

Nils Rau

The time has finally come: Rolex will present the year's new products at Watches & Wonders 2022 in Geneva at the end of March. A look at the last few years will tell you which 2022 predictions and Rolex rumours are most likely to come true. Read on to find out more.

Rolex Rumours 2022: New Calibres, Colours and Materials

From 30 March to 5 April 2022, around 40 manufacturers will present their new products at Watches & Wonders in Geneva. For the first time since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the fair will take place on-site. In addition to Patek Philippe, A. Lange & Söhne, Hublot, Zenith and many other brands, Rolex will also present its new products at the successor fair to the SIHH.

Anyone who knows Rolex knows that the Manufacture develops its models extremely carefully. This product philosophy is the recipe for success for the unparalleled timelessness of current and early references. This year, too, we can therefore expect small but fine updates in calibres, colours and materials. As for list prices, there will most likely be no new increase: The last price increase did not take place until 1 January 2022; on average, Rolex increases its list prices approximately every one and a half to two years.

1. Rolex Milgauss: Overdue Update for the Anti-Magnetic Watch

The current Rolex Milgauss Ref. 116400 has been in the range since 2007. In the meantime, almost all other Rolex models have been revised: Just last year, the Rolex Explorer II received a facelift, which above all brought slimmer horns and a Rolex manufacture calibre of the latest generation. Likely, the Rolex Milgauss will also receive such a model update. The previous Ref. 116400 would then be Ref. 126400. From a visual point of view, we can expect cautious design changes. One could think of more discreetly designed indices, or perhaps a straight seconds hand with a red tip, as in the Rolex Milgauss Ref. 1019.

2. Quo vadis, Air-King?

As surprising as the presentation of the Rolex Air-King Ref. 116900 was in 2016, the fate of this reference is now uncertain. The Air-King owes its unconventional dial design to a reference to the onboard instruments of the Bloodhound SSC - a British high-speed vehicle capable of speeds of over 1,600 km/h and whose project planning was sponsored by Rolex.

In the meantime, however, the Bloodhound project has been discontinued due to financial problems. And since the cockpit of the successor model, Bloodhound LSR, no longer has Rolex instruments, Rolex's interest in a continuation of the Ref. 116900 is probably conceivably low. In addition, the Rolex Air-King is identical in construction to the Rolex Milgauss, except for the dial. If the Milgauss is revised, the question of the Air-King's fate will automatically arise. It remains to be seen whether there is room in the Rolex portfolio for an "old fashioned" Air-King or whether the model will give way under the pressure of competition from the Oyster Perpetual and Datejust.

3. Coke or Pepsi?

After Rolex brought back the GMT-Master II with a blue and red "Pepsi" bezel, one of the most widespread Rolex rumours in 2022 is that Rolex could present the so-called GMT-Master "Coke" with a black and red bezel this year. In fact, given the model development of the Rolex GMT-Master II, this would be anything but unlikely. While the very first Rolex ref. 6542 had a blue-red bezel, the black-red bezel has been available since the 1980s.

4. Ceramic Daytona with gold Oyster strap

Although the ceramic Daytona was already introduced in 2016, the gold models with ceramic bezel are so far only available in combination with the Oysterflex strap made of elastomer. Those looking for a Daytona with a gold Oyster strap will have to look to the Daytona references with gold bezels.

Strictly speaking, the Daytona references without ceramic bezel are still the predecessor models - and these have been sharing the product portfolio with the new ceramic Daytonas for six years now. So a model update is overdue. A look at the Rolex Sky-Dweller also shows that Rolex already practices the coexistence of gold models on gold and rubber straps.

5. Day-Date, Datejust and Oyster Perpetual with new dials

What is often perceived as a small thing can become a big hit. Last year's new Datejust dials (palm tree pattern and fluted pattern) were very popular. This year, too, we can look forward to seeing what new dials Rolex will present. Examples include an extension of the so-called Stella dials for the Rolex Oyster Perpetual or new patterned dials for the Rolex Day-Date.

6. Far from the rumours: unexpected surprises

Last but not least - despite all the rumours, probabilities and advance announcements - there is always an unknown, unpredictable variable at Rolex. For example, who would have thought in 2012 that Rolex would not only present a completely new model with the Sky-Dweller but at the same time the most technically elaborate model in the entire portfolio? In addition to a degree of perceived predictability in the annual reference evolutions, surprises make for exciting variety with regard to Rolex rumours in 2022 and a big wow effect when the time finally comes at the end of March and Rolex presents the novelties of 2022.

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