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New Rolex 2022

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Rolex novelties 2022: Left-handed GMT, Platinum Day-Date and more

With the Rolex novelties 2022, the Geneva-based manufacturer has managed to come up with several surprises that hardly anyone had foreseen, despite the many rumours. With the green and black GMT-Master II, for example, the company has presented the first left-handed Rolex since the 1950s, and for the first time, a fluted platinum bezel has been incorporated in the Day-Date 40.

Rolex novelties 2022

Day-Date 40 in platinum

The most exclusive model in the finest material

One of the most spectacular new Rolex 2022 innovations is the Day-Date 40, which is available in platinum 950 for the first time since Watches & Wonders 2022. While the Day-Date is already the most exclusive model of the Geneva manufacturer, platinum is one of the most precious materials. The fluted platinum bezel is also a novelty: until now, this bezel was only available in white, yellow and Everose gold. It took several years before the platinum version was ready for series production — until the high aesthetic and technical requirements were met.

Ice blue dial

The new Day-Date 40 in platinum is available with different dials. In addition to the highly sought-after meteorite dial, Rolex offers you the new Ref. 228236 with an ice-blue dial. This dial colour is exclusively reserved for platinum references and harmonises perfectly with the greyish shimmer of the fine case material.

Fresh design

Datejust 31 with floral patterns

The most popular model for ladies has been enriched with three aesthetic dials as part of Rolex's 2022 novelties and is now available with new floral diamond dials. For a multi-faceted, attractive appearance, these feature tasteful floral motifs with different textures and finishes - radial cut, matte, grained. In addition, all three dials contain 24 diamonds in various sizes, representing the heart of the respective flower.

The new dials for the Datejust 31 are as follows:

  • Olive green in the Datejust 31 yellow gold (Ref. 278288) and Rolesor yellow (ref. 278273)
  • Azure blue in the Datejust 31 Oystersteel with white gold bezel (Ref. 278274)
  • Silver in the Datejust 31 Everose gold (Ref. 278275) and Rolesor Everose (Ref. 278381)
Rolex GMT-Master II Ref. 126720VTNR

Green and black GMT for left-handers

The biggest highlight of the 2022 novelties from Rolex is the GMT-Master II with the Ref. 126720VTNR. The letters in the reference number (vt = vert, nr = noir) already indicate that this is a GMT-Master with a green-black Cerachrom bezel. The GMT hand is also green. The shade of green is reminiscent of the multi-faceted green of the Submariner Hulk ref. 116610LV. The Ref. 126720VTNR is now available with the sporty Oyster strap and the delicate, elegant Jubilée bracelet.

However, the reference's most distinctive feature is the positioning of the date window and crown on the left. In the company's history, there were only two watches with the crown on the left until the presentation of the new Rolex 2022 innovations. These were two GMT Master models (Ref. 6542) from the 1950s sold by Phillips at Hong Kong and Geneva auctions.

Yellow gold and hawk's eye

Yacht-Master 42 in two new variants

The Yacht-Master 42, which Rolex first presented in white gold in 2019, has also been available in yellow gold since Watches & Wonders 2022. The yellow gold Ref. 226658 not only impresses with its elegant 18-carat yellow gold alloy but also with a monochrome aesthetic on the dial: unlike the Yacht-Master 42 in Everose gold, Rolex has not designed the Yacht-Master lettering in red but in plain white.

Another highlight is the hawk's-eye dial for the white gold Yacht-Master 42 Ref. 226659. The material used for this dial is a variety of quartz stones. No two hawk's-eye grains are alike.

Facelift for the Rolex Air-King

The Air-King, which has been available since 2016 with the distinctive 3-6-9 dial in homage to the Bloodhound SSC project, has received an update as part of the new Rolex 2022 innovations. The most striking feature of the new Ref. 126900 is the crown protector, making the pilot's watch even sportier and more robust. The dial has also been slightly revised with the new Air King reference. The previous "5" at 1 o'clock has been replaced by a visually coherent "05" so that all minute numerals are now displayed in two digits.

As far as the inner values are concerned, the calibre 3230 replaces the previous calibre 3131. The Calibre 3230 has been in use since 2020 and features, among other things, a 70-hour power reserve, a Chrongergy escapement and a blue Parachrom hairspring.

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