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The art of fusion can be classified as the union of watchmaking tradition and technological innovation in Hublot masterpieces. The Hublot Big Bang perfectly exemplifies the “art of fusion” and is one of the most famous models in the world of watches today.

Hublot – price list & models

At CHRONEXT, we offer a wide selection of new and used Hublot watches, ensuring you find the perfect model to suit your individual tastes and preferences. We also offer vintage Hublot watches in our online shop. Famous models like the Hublot Classic Fusion or the Hublot Ferrari impress with a sporty elegance and a technical finesse that are perfectly representative of the brand. Discover more about the prices, models, and history of Hublot with CHRONEXT.

The art of fusion

Since the creation of Hublot in 1980, the fusion of seemingly incompatible materials has become the trademark element of the brand. Carlo Crocco, the founder of Hublot, has stirred the world of watches with extravagant material combinations, such as that of gold with rubber.

Watches inspired by maritime portholes

Another characteristic feature of Hublot is, of course, their characteristic shape. The watches of Hublot have been inspired by maritime portholes, which is an element that is also clearly reflected in the French name of the brand. The bold watches provide lasting impressions on the wrists of men and women alike.

Famous fans of Hublot watches

The striking character of Hublot watches along with their quality and innovative features call out to numerous celebrities and influential individuals. Usain Bolt, Kobe Bryant, Diego Maradona and Lionel Richie are among some of the famous Hublot clientele.

Explore the world of Hublot watches online

Although Hublot is a relatively young company, its distinctive watch models have left a lasting impression on watch lovers worldwide. Do you also have your heart set on a Hublot watch? Then you have come to the right place with CHRONEXT, were we happily provide you with numerous facts about the brand history along with helpful tips when it comes to buying a Hublot watch. Furthermore, our online shop provides you with the opportunity to buy your ideal Hublot model at a reasonable price with the simple click of a mouse. Learn more about the history and the prices from the famous watchmaking company with CHRONEXT.