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Hublot Big Bang King

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Sporty luxury: Hublot Big Bang King

A striking, sportive eye-catcher with distinct character: a perfect description of Hublot’s Big Bang King. This impressive 48mm watch features a bezel with a minute scale and easily lives up to the ‘King’ component of its name with its supreme quality and kingly size.

Big Bang King

A luxurious sports watch by Hublot

A luxurious sports watch by Hublot

Hublot, as a brand, was first presented to the public by its founder Carlo Crocco at the 1980 Basel Watch Fair. Crocco, himself a descendant of an Italian watchmaker family, possessed a unique sense for fine watches that appeal to a wide range of clientele. During his debut at Basel, he instantly created quite a stir with the unconventional choice of materials used in the watch he presented: It marked the first time in the history of horology that a manufacturer combined a rubber strap with a precious material – in this case, gold. Currently, the rubber strap continues to be a hallmark of the Hublot brand and the Big Bang King is amongst the watches that are equipped with it.

The Big Bang King represents a special line of Hublot’s Big Bang collection, one of the most famous luxury watches in the world. Today, the Big Bang King is no longer included in the Hublot catalogue, yet it is still in great demand among lovers of luxurious sports watches. The secondhand market offers a wide selection at attractive prices. In addition to its robust and strong design, this distinctive watch is also watertight to 300 metres and, therefore, represents the perfect addition to a sportive lifestyle.

Hublot Big Bang King

Exclusive variants of the model

The Big Bang King line is highly versatile and appealing due to its many attractive sub-models and variants. The Hublot Big Bang King All Black Red Carat (Ref. 322.CI.1130.GR.1942.ABR10) is one of the timepieces in the upper segment of the line’s price range. Designed entirely in black and red, its artful colour combination is a sight for sore eyes.

Another black and red version of the watch with a slightly adapted design is the Hublot Big Bang King All Black Red Limited Edition (Ref. 322.CI.1130.GR.ABR10). The watch was limited to 500 units worldwide, resulting in a high level of exclusivity.

A model with a relatively affordable price is the Big Bang King Black Magic (Ref. 312.CM.1120.RX). ‘Black Magic’ is one of Hublot’s popular watch variations, where the wristband, case, and dial of the watch are kept entirely in black, and the appliqués are rhodium-plated, satin-finished, and perfected with a white luminescent.

The Big Bang King line also offers a diamond-studded option, including the preference of diamonds adorning a rose gold case (Ref. 322.PX.1023.RX.0904). Even though the watches are no longer produced, they are still available on the secondhand market and remain important milestones in Hublot history.

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