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Rado True

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Rado True: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Rado True

With a round dial, simple indices and hands, and a classic matching bracelet, the Rado True collection is never boring. Convincing with men’s and women’s watches, the Rado True Thinline impresses with functionality and a timeless design.

Watches that are rich in tradition and history

Timepieces from the house of Rado

Timepieces from the house of Rado

The history of Rado dates back to the year 1917 when the Schlup brothers founded their first watch movement factory. During the first decade of operation, the company only focused on the production of watch movements. In 1937 however, a subsidiary company called Rado Watch Co. Ltd. introduced the very first timepieces from the brand. In 1926, Rado launched the famous DiaStar, which was the first scratchproof timepiece to be introduced to the world. The company is now renowned for the use of innovative high-tech materials and timepieces that are characterised by an exceptional design and outstanding comfort.

The True collection from Rado includes both men’s and women’s watches that are characterised by clear and simple designs. These models from the collection reinterpret classic watch designs. The Rado True collection features round casings, elegant designs, and fine materials. The exquisite luxury watches simply make the hearts of every watch lover beat faster.

Black and White

Rado True men’s watches

The men’s Rado true collection is comprised of five models. An optical highlight on the wrist is established with the all-white Rado True (Ref. 763.0058.3.011). The case of this timepiece measures 40.1-millimeters in diameter and consists of scratchproof high-tech ceramics. The dial of the watch is featured with a silver-coloured finish and incorporates Superluminova hands and indices. Furthermore, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal protects the dial of the watch while the bracelet of the watch is also comprised of a sleek ceramic material.

There are also some beautiful versions of the Rado True that are encompassed in black for those gentlemen who prefer a sleek dark tone on the wrist. For example, the Rado True Model Ref. 763.0056.3.016 is comprised of a case and a bracelet that are made of black scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic, which are complemented with a bold black dial and elegant rose-gold hands. Further dark versions include the Ref. 762.0056.3.015 that is characterised by an overall minimalist design.

Scratch-resistant ceramic on delicate wrists

The Rado True ladies’ watches

The Rado True ladies’ watch collection is made up of six models. All the models are comprised of a case and wristband made of scratch-resistant high-tech ceramic. Three models of the collection are encompassed in a white tint while the remaining three models are embodied in a black tint. The Rado True women’s watches have a diameter that measures 30-millimeters, making them more delicate than the cases of the men’s models, and also ensuring that they are highly suitable around the wrists of women.

The Rado True collection is available in many variations. The Rado True in white (Ref. 111.0061.3.001) offers simple rhodium-plated hands and indices that have been coated with Superluminova. The same coloured timepiece with the Ref. 111.0061.3.071 is additionally adorned with four diamond indices. A particularly elegant and luxurious model is the Rado True Ref. 111.0061.3.090 that is presented with noble gold-toned hands that are perfectly complemented by a mother of pearl dial and 12 diamond indices.

Incredibly simple and elegant is the Rado True black timepiece with the Ref. 111.0059.3.016. Rose-gold toned delicate hands and indices are set on the sleek black dial. Furthermore, there is also a Rado True model that is presented with rhodium plated hands and indices (Ref. 111.0059.3.015) or with gold-coloured hands and four diamond indices (Ref. 111.0059.3.071), both of which convince in terms of form and function.

The Rado True Thinline

Thin & sleek

The Rado True Thinline collection includes various watch models that hold one true common denominator – they are all extremely flat. This does not only hold practical advantages, such as increased wearing comfort but also presents an overall sleek aesthetic. The Rado True Thinline series is comprised of elegance and modernity while completely leaving behind the fear of fragility. The variety of models ensures that there is a perfect timepiece for a wide range of preferences and tastes.

The Rado True Thinline Automatic (Ref. 629.0972.3.010) is fitted with an automatic winding movement. The design of the timepiece is clear and modern. The case of the timepiece consists of platinum-coloured plasma-treated high-tech ceramic and measures 40-millimeters in diameter. The bracelet of the watch is sleekly made out of the same innovative material as the case.

The Rado True Thinline collection presents a unique dial with the Ref. 140.0741.3.016. The indices of this timepiece are thin and long and project from the inner circle of the dial, recalling the shape of an abstract sun. When combined with the restrained and simple design of the case, the timepieces radiate a modern Avant-Garde effect. The Rado True Thinline collection is also available in attractive models for ladies.

A particularly elegant aesthetics is created with the Rado True Thinline in a rose-gold tone. The case and the bracelet of the watch are created from high-tech ceramic while the dial of the watch is completely encompassed in white. The timepiece is complemented with noble rose-gold toned hands and indices and a likewise rose gold coloured crown.

Rado timepieces that decorate the wrists of the famous

Rado enthusiasts – movie stars and sports professionals

High-tech materials and contemporary designs from Rado continuously impress watch lovers from around the globe. Many celebrities are in fact followers of the brand who have been spotted countless times with the timepieces around their wrists. These individuals naturally include the well-known brand ambassadors of Rado. Among many other prominent individuals, the British tennis star Andy Murray and his associates Rohan Bopanna and Julia Goerges are proud Rado brand ambassadors. In the world of film, Rado watches have found a home around the wrists of Renata Litvinova, Lisa Ray, René Liu, and the famous and talented Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan.