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Rolex Submariner

There are only a handful of wristwatches in the world that can compare to the Rolex Submariner. Thanks to its extraordinary design and its legendary reputation, the model has been hailed as one of the best wristwatches in history. Waterproof to 300 metres, the Submariner is the epitome of sporty elegance and is suitable and sleek in every situation.
Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Rolex Submariner – A classic diving watch

There are only a handful of wristwatches in the world that can compare to the Rolex Submariner. Thanks to its extraordinary design and its legendary reputation, the model has been hailed as one of the best wristwatches in history. Waterproof to 300 metres, the Submariner is the epitome of sporty elegance and is suitable and sleek in every situation.

Rolex Submariner

The most famous diving watch in history


If watches are judged according to recognition value, the Submariner emerges as the clear winner. For decades, the diving watch with the characteristic bezel has been the star of the watch-making industry. The waterproof men’s watch is part of the Oyster Perpetual line and goes well with a wet suit just as much as a sports jacket or a polo shirt.

Rolex knows what true classics are about: The design of this legendary model has essentially remained unchanged since its introduction. Thanks to its consistent design, the Submariner has been firmly established as a classic diving watch and guarantees value retention.

Every year, particularly rare or limited editions of the Submariner are sold for record-breaking prices at auctions. Thanks to its first-class quality and an exceptional reputation, the legendary Rolex model tempts new admirers just as much as experienced collectors.

Sporty elegance and world-renowned quality

Many associate the sportive yet classic Rolex Submariner with tradition and innovation, cult status and prestige, as well as safety and durability.

The Rolex Submariner is primarily a tasteful, perfectly sculpted watch. The current models including the black Submariner No-Date or the green Submariner Date are equipped with robust cases, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals, Cerachrom bezels, and automatic movements that are entirely manufactured by Rolex. The Submariner is waterproof to 300 metres and has a unidirectional bezel so that the time cannot be accidentally adjusted while diving.

Robust, reliable, and well-tested: Today’s Submariner looks back on decades of unique history.

Black Submariner

A timeless classic

The development of diving watches cannot be imagined without the guidance of Rolex. The famous Swiss manufacturer presented the first waterproof wristwatch with a screw-down winding crown in 1926. Thus, the world-famous Oyster collection was born.

The launch of the Submariner in 1953 was record-breaking since the diving watch by Rolex was waterproof to 100 metres. This first model still lacked the typical Submariner crown guard and a conspicuously big Brevet crown was installed on the case instead. Today, these first references - 6200, 6204, 6205, and the “James Bond Submariner” 6538 - are highly sought-after rarities with a corresponding price tag.

The first Submariner edition was launched in an elegant black, and the watch was not manufactured in any other colours for decades following. Some vintage models faded into a dark brown - these rare chocolate-colored models are especially desirable for collectors. The Submariner ensured a position for Rolex in the depths of the ocean. The watch established itself among both scuba and deep-sea divers. Over the years, the waterproof capability of the watch was first increased to 200 metres, and then finally, to 300 metres. The characteristic crown guard was installed in 1959, and seven years later the first Submariner with a date display (Submariner Date) was introduced to the market.

Over the course of a long history, the Submariner has only been subjected to a few well-considered changes and has stayed true to its spirit.

Kermit, Hulk, Hulkmariner

The Submariner in green

Although the shape and design of the Submariner have roughly stayed the same since its conception, Rolex surprises every now and then with small alterations and fresh colour combinations.

For the 50-year anniversary of the Submariner in 2003, Rolex introduced a version of the timepiece with a green bezel and a black watch face. Initially, the watch attracted harsh criticism from the watch enthusiast community. But Rolex would not introduce any changes since they had anticipated the success of the watch from the very beginning. Today, the green “Kermit the Frog” Submariner with the Ref. 16610LV enjoys an ever-growing demand on the second-hand market.

With a newfound commitment to colour, Rolex launched the popular classic with a variation of colour combinations: blue, black and gold, or completely green. Over the years, the green Submariner has attracted a large number of supporters - today it belongs to the modern classics of Rolex.

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6200, 5513, 116610

An overview of leading Submariner references

Despite relatively high prices, the Submariner is a classic choice when looking for one’s “first watch”. This is not only due to the high quality and the unrivalled reputation of the “Sub”, but also to the promising price trend over the last decades: The price for a Submariner No-Date between 1965 and today has increased tenfold.

The value of some rare models have increased dramatically and have surpassed what can be considered an ordinary investment. The so-called MilSub - the Submariner references 5513 and 5517 that were manufactured in the 1970s for the British Ministry of Defence - regularly reels in record-breaking numbers when being resold.

Another collectors dream watch is the COMEX Submariner. Between 1967 and 2004, Rolex worked with the Compagnie maritime d’expertises, a company that produces diving equipment and submersibles and delivered diving watches with the corresponding “COMEX” writing on the dial. The robust Sea-Dweller was created some years later based on the first COMEX Submariner. The original COMEX Submariner watches are extremely rare and their prices climb above the €100,000-mark.

But it does not always have to be a rare vintage watch: Apart from these collector’s items, the Submariner second-hand market offers a broad choice of other timeless pieces and classic references. The Submariner Ref. 14060, as well as the latest Submariner Date (Ref. 116610) and the Submariner No-Date, are an investment in elegance as well as in financial value.

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