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Carl F. Bucherer Watches

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Carl F. Bucherer: history, models and prices. New & Vintage

Carl F. Bucherer watches for every occasion

Discover the world of Carl F. Bucherer watches online

Carl F. Bucherer has made its name in the Swiss luxury watch industry with high-precision calibres and stylish designs. The luxurious men's and women's watches from Carl F. Bucherer, which are developed and manufactured in the company's own competence centre in Ste-Croix, have always combined the best of watch and jewellery making.

  • Founded in 1888, the company name stands for many years of expertise in the watchmaking world.

  • The calibres are developed and manufactured at the company's own competence centre in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.

  • In 2005, the manufacturer applied for a patent for a mechanism that allows the parallel display of three time zones.

  • The CFB A1000 automatic calibre is one of the company’s technical milestones. It is used in Patravi series models.

An innovative family business

Carl F. Bucherer watches – born from a love of tradition

With over 125 years of history, the Carl F. Bucherer manufactory is truly a traditional company. Founded in 1888 in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne, Carl F. Bucherer is an old-established family business. The story began when Carl Friedrich Bucherer opened a small watch shop. The company’s first collection was launched in 1919. Today, the Carl F. Bucherer name stands for luxury watches of an exceptional level of quality and exclusivity.

After the death of Carl Friedrich, his sons took over the promising business in 1933. Carl Eduard and Ernst Bucherer are trained watchmakers and jewellers. The two professions shape the brand image with each playing a vital role in the creation of Carl F. Bucherer watches to this day. The company is still owned by the Bucherer family and is managed by Jörg G. Bucherer, the founder's grandson. As Chairman of the Board of Directors, he and CEO Sascha Moeri are responsible for the current successes of the family business.

Since 2008, Carl F. Bucherer has been producing its calibres in-house and can, therefore, call itself a Swiss manufacturer. Prior to this, the brand purchased movements from Techniques Horlogères Appliquée SA in Ste-Croix, a business that was purchased and integrated into the Bucherer Group following ten years of collaboration. Today, the Ste-Croix site is a place of research, creativity and technical manufacturing. Precision movements for all Carl F. Bucherer watches are designed and produced here.

The outstanding style of Carl F. Bucherer

The perfect interplay between craftsmanship and jewellery

What sets Carl F. Bucherer apart from other luxury watch brands is its comprehensive knowledge and know-how in both the watchmaking and jewellery sectors. The interplay between the two disciplines is deeply rooted in the company's history; brothers Carl Eduard and Ernst Bucherer, one a watchmaker and one a jeweller, brought their respective expertise to the company and created timepieces that shine both on a functional and aesthetic level -the Carl F. Bucherer Manero, for example. The production of top-class calibres with impressive features is complemented by beautifully designed casings made of the finest materials.

Among the collections launched to date, you will discover watches that are not merely timekeepers but true works of art. Early examples include the Art Deco style wristwatches from the 1920s and 1930s. These beautifully detailed watches fascinated the women of the time with their filigree appearance, beautiful embellishments and unusual shapes. The manufacturer transformed some models into glamorous luxury goods with diamond appliqués.

The highest level of precision and aesthetics – perfection in form and function

The technical masterpieces of the traditional manufactory

Carl F. Bucherer watches don’t just rely on outstanding good looks. Quality and functionality have been one of the brand's most important values since the very beginning. As early as the 1930s, the two Bucherer brothers worked diligently on the development of elegant men's watches with practical features such as a changing hour feature displayed on a disc. New for its time, this innovative technology is used in the legendary Rolex Prince C. Bucherer. The trend towards elegant men's watches which, thanks to technical refinements, could be worn in any situation, extended through the 50s, 60s and beyond.

The chronograph soon became a highlight of the watchmaker’s range and continues to impress with its functional design and breathtaking precision timing. Among the highlights is the 1970 Carl F. Bucherer Archimedes, a diving watch with world time mechanism. Carl F. Bucherer's style is therefore incredibly varied, yet always functional; the individual style of each watch is intended to meet the requirements of its wearer one hundred percent.

Exclusive timepieces

The Carl F. Bucherer collections

Carl F. Bucherer currently has five exclusive collections in its range. For each collection, the manufacturer creates several models that are united by their characteristic style but are defined by their individual properties, materials, colour, design and features. Every lover of the brand is certain to find their perfect wristwatch from among the Carl F. Bucherer Manero Carl F. Bucherer Manero , Carl F. Bucherer Patravi , Adamavi, Pathos and Alacria series.