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Tudor Oysterdate Submariner

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Tudor Oysterdate Submariner: The most versatile Submariner

The Tudor Oysterdate Submariner is the most sought-after vintage icon from Tudor. Among the most interesting features of the value-preserving vintage watch are its various designs and their promising value appreciation potential for a watch collection.

In our online shop, you will not only find new watches but also used and vintage models such as the Tudor Oysterdate Submariner. You are assured of maximum security because every watch is thoroughly inspected and authenticated by our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers before it is sold. We guarantee this with our 24-month warranty, which we issue with every purchase.

Tudor Oysterdate Submariner

Revival of an Icon

Originally, Tudor was produced as an affordable alternative to Rolex. Since the launch of the Tudor Black Bay in 2012, the Swiss brand has been a shooting star and is also making a name for itself among collectors. Due to its versatility, the Oysterdate Submariner is one of the most exciting vintage models in the Tudor universe.

Tudor Oysterdate Submariner Midsize, Blue and Snowflake

While Rolex's Submariner is produced in stainless steel, bi-colour and gold, with or without a date, the variety of the Tudor Submariner vintage is even greater:

  • Diameter: Fullsize and Midsize
  • Colours: Black and blue
  • Dial: Classic, "Snowflake" and other variants
  • Date: Date and No Date

High appreciation potential

The Tudor Oysterdate Submariner offers you a good prospect of appreciation and is therefore suitable for a clever investment strategy. On the one hand, this is due to the hype surrounding the brand, which has been growing since 2010. On the other hand, ever higher auction results ensure that the vintage models increase in price. The Tudor Oysterdate Submariner is still available on the market at fair prices - but, as is often the case, buying earlier saves money.

Certified Luxury Watches

Buy Tudor Oysterdate Submariner models at CHRONEXT

With us, you can buy certified vintage models such as the Tudor Oysterdate Submariner. Thanks to our CHRONEXT certificate issued by our certified watchmakers, every buyer is assured of a 24-month CHRONEXT warranty to guarantee them maximum security. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will also inform you about new arrivals and discount offers in our newsletter if the model you are looking for is not in stock. Otherwise, you will find more watches from Tudor at attractive prices – ready for immediate delivery.