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Tag Heuer Kirium

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TAG Heuer Kirium

Breaking conventions and exceeding expectations is characteristic of TAG Heuer. The successful campaign – Don’t crack under pressure – is the perfect slogan to represent the determination of the brand. Challenges are welcome for the renowned watchmakers and so in 1997, the unique Kirium series was launched. The complex components of the watch seem to be sculpted from a single piece of metal and create an individual statement on the wrist.

TAG Heuer Kirium

Bold innovation and first-class quality

Bold innovation and first-class quality

Timepieces that share a common denominator in terms of sporty elements and luxury features signify TAG Heuer. It comes as no surprise then that TAG Heuer created a commotion with the presentation of the Kirium. Ingenious advertising and the support of celebrity athletes quickly heightened public interest around the globe.

Just like the innovative spirit of the founder of the company – Edouard Heuer – the engineers of TAG Heuer watches set out to create an extraordinary and unparalleled timepiece in the year 1990. Inspired by a great idol, they designed the Kirium and for the first time in 20 years, bestowed a proper name upon the timepiece as opposed to the number codes utilised to distinguish the watch models in the past. The Kirium replaced the TAG Heuer mid 4000 series and completely revolutionized their appearance.

As is expected of any TAG Heuer timepiece, the Kirium surprises with a fresh appearance. The case, bezel, and bracelet of the timepiece give off the impression that they have been carved from the same block of steel. The watch bracelet is reduced to the essentials and shines with immaculate simplicity. Adorned on the dial are “liquid metal” circular shaped luminescent markers, allowing for a legible timepiece in the dark.

Today, the Kirium remains one of the ultimate sports models of the TAG Heuer collection. The model skillfully represents the spirit of the brand and represents the innovative and inventive characteristics that it stands for.

Men’s and women’s watches

TAG Heuer Kirium – A universal timepiece

The TAG Heuer Kirium is not the largest watch around. With variations of the model measuring 28, 37, and 39-milimeters, the watch sticks to a moderate size. All models are equipped with a bezel that can be rotated in both directions. Furthermore, the watch features a domed and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Offered with the original Kirium model was an option between polished or brushed stainless steel. Currently, some models feature a mixture of these two choices. Since gold watches were not in fashion during the 1990s, the Kirium timepiece is exclusively available in silver tones. Few individuals are aware that the Kirium can optionally be equipped with a vulcanized rubber band or a calf leather strap as opposed to the characteristic steel bracelet. All options ensure high wearing comfort and exude and luxurious ambiance.

“Shaped by the Spirit of Sport”

The Kirium for professional athletes and celebrities

The Kirium is specifically designed for the world of sports, hence the motto “Shaped by the Spirit of Sport”. In order to further publicize the new timepiece, Tag Heuer turned to the prominence of many top athletes. As a result, the tennis ace Boris Becker and other athletes including Marion Jones, Colin Jackson und Marie-Jo Perec have been photographed sporting the luxurious timepiece.

Not only do famous athletes understand the dazzling quality of the Kirium but also prominent movie stars who take advantage of sporting the superior watch around their wrists. The 1990 TAG Heuer Kirium (Ref. WL1113) was in fact featured in the cinema blockbuster “Moneyball” strapped around the wrist of Brad Pitt. Furthermore, the actor Colin Farrell can be witnessed wearing the TAG Heuer Kirium F1 in the film “The Recruit”.

Special editions

Special Editions

TAG Heuer has released watch models in addition to the classic Kirium. The Kirium Automatic Chronometer is powered by a robust automatic calibre and is comprised of a typical diameter measuring 37-milimeter. Furthermore, TAG Heuer chose to incorporate the classical scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and rotatable bezel. The black dial displays Arabic numerals and luminescent indices and is enclosed by a stainless steel case.

Another popular model is the TAG Heuer Kirium Ti5, which was launched in the year 2000. It was the first introduction of a watch that is polished with a special titanium alloy named Ti5. The compound was developed in a laboratory and in close cooperation with the McLaren Formula One team.

A year following, TAG Heuer launched the Kirium F1. Created for clients with a passion for motorsports, the Formula 1 Kirium is highlighted by technical features. The modern analogue chronograph with digital functions measures time accurately to 1/100th of a second.

The exceptional Kirium collection is relatively easy to discover on the second-hand market and provides an affordable entry piece into the diverse world of TAG Heuer.