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Rolex 114060

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Rolex 114060: The reference among diving watches

Behind the reference 114060 is the world's most famous and most sought-after diver's watch: the Rolex Submariner "No Date" – without date display. The Submariner was introduced in 1953 as a professional divers' watch and has served COMEX, a company specialising in deep diving. Its classic appearance, which fully complies with the design principle "form follows function", and the symmetrical look created by omitting the date display, makes the Ref. 114060 one of the most sought-after Submariner models.

At CHRONEXT, you can find the Ref. 114060 as well as other Rolex watches for immediate delivery and with 24-month warranty.

The reference number 114060

The Rolex reference numbers have always followed a fixed pattern. Individual digits provide information about certain features of the watches, while the remaining digits generally stand for the model in question. After the first Submariner No Date had the reference 14060, Rolex launched its successor reference - the Rolex 114060 - with the introduction of the six-digit references in 2012. These specific characteristics can be read from the reference number:

  • Six-digit reference: Since the Rolex 114060 is a six-digit reference, it is a model of the latest generation, which is characterised above all by excellent workmanship and the use of high-quality materials. For example, the Rolex 114060 has a ceramic bezel instead of an aluminium bezel, which still had the five-digit references.

  • "11" at the beginning: The "11" at the beginning indicates that the watch comes with a calibre from the penultimate series. Calibre 3130 has been in production since 2001 and is considered to be extremely robust and reliable - just right for a professional diving watch.

  • "0" at the end: At Rolex, the last digit always stands for the material. The "0" is used when the watch is made of Rolex's inhouse stainless steel alloy, Oystersteel.

Submariner No Date

A question of designation

Although the Rolex 114060 is commonly referred to as the "Rolex Submariner No Date", this is actually incorrect: while the Rolex 116610LN, which has a date function, is called the "Submariner Date", the Rolex 114060 is officially called the "Submariner". Nevertheless, for the sake of clarity, it has become common practice to call the Rolex 114060 with the suffix "No Date".

Rolex 114060 from CHRONEXT

While Rolex's steel sporties are generally in high demand, the run on the Rolex 114060 is exceptionally high. This model is only available from concessionaires – if at all – with a waiting period of several years. In our online shop, you will find both new and unworn Submariner models that are immediately available. You can also buy used watches at incredibly fair prices. Thanks to our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty, even the purchase of used watches is without risk, as every timepiece is thoroughly checked in our in-house CHRONEXT master workshop before its sale. 100% authenticity guaranteed.