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Rado DiaMaster: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Rado DiaMaster

The Swiss watch manufacturer Rado looks back on a long history of success. The renowned watchmaker has been able to secure its position in the watchmaking world with timepieces that are constructed with innovative and robust materials. The Famous DiaMaster brilliantly demonstrates the skilful know-how of the celebrated manufacturer and simply exceeds the requirements of a reliable watch.


The new face of Rado DiaMaster Collection

The new face of Rado DiaMaster Collection

The name DiaMaster has long been synonymous with the Rado brand and is distinguished by highly scratch resistant and robust timepieces. In 2013, Rado launched a completely redesigned DiaMaster collection comprised of a high-tech ceramic material. The new range meets both the needs of clients who are interested in innovative watch material combinations as well as those who are looking for a stylish and universal watch.

Rado has been convincing for nearly a century with strong materials that are characterised by exceptional hardness and scratch resistance. The Swiss company has excelled with cool designs and technologically savvy elements. Minimalistic, refined, and sophisticated are the timepieces from the innovative DiaMaster collection. Reduced to the essentials, these timepieces do away with frills and decorative elements. The watches from the Rado DiaMaster series such as the classic Ref. 629.0074.3.010 shine with a large, clear dial that ensures maximum legibility.

Rado DiaMaster RHW1

A strong yet lightweight timepiece

The Rado DiaMaster RHW1 (Ref. 510.0586.3.115) was launched in 2013 and was limited to a circulation of 2000 pieces. On the one hand, this version of the Rado DiaMaster collection is memorable in many ways, but on the other hand, the timepieces of the series surprise with a delicate weight of just 70 grams.

The robust yet ultra-light 44-millimeter monobloc case is celebrated for its distinctive “old-bronze” tone. The exterior of the watch exudes a unique charm while the interior is characterised by ultra-modern technical features. At the heart of the watch is a lightweight aluminium hand-wound movement. The hands and the small seconds are finished with a gold colour, which perfectly harmonises with the black dial and ceramic case. The case of the watch is comprised of a high-tech ceramic Si3N4 TiN, which is twice as light as a standard ceramic material. The lightweight concept of the watch is further supported by components of the watch movement, such as the plates and the bridge that are traditionally made from brass, being replaced with a lightweight aluminium material. Furthermore, the black watch bracelet is comprised of high-grade leather, which completes the style of the sophisticated Rado DiaMaster RHW1 and further ensures superior comfort on the wrist.

The DiaMaster Skeleton Automatic

Unlimited variety

In November 2014, a new model from the DiaMaster Collection was presented to the watch market – the unique DiaMaster Skeleton Automatic. The model relies on the popular skeletonization technique and is created with a characteristic Rado style. The DiaMaster Skeleton Automatic is, as the name implies, skeletonised. This means that large parts of the watch case are transparent. The dial of the watch is comprised of metallic lustrous plasma-treated high tech ceramics and is protected by a curved sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating. The sapphire crystal further provides excellent scratch resistance and allows for deeper insight into the complex watch movement. The case of the watch is provided in characteristic monobloc construction while the case back of the watch is presented with a special engraving that reads “LIMITED EDITION N° XXX/499”.