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Sinn 756

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Sinn Duochronograph 756

Extreme ruggedness and outspoken resistance to external influences perfectly distinguish the Sinn Duochronograph 756 and 757. On the ground or in the air – these chronographs are the ideal companions for all adventures.

Perfect legibility in all situations

The Sinn Duochronograph 756

The Sinn Duochronograph 756

The sporty chronographs from Sinn perfectly characterise the philosophy of the brand. Interestingly, the company founder Helmut Sinn was once a pilot and flight instructor who made it his goal to create reliable watches that pilot’s could rely on.

The design of the Sinn Duochronograph 756 is inspired by that of its previous model, the 656 pilot’s chronograph that is characterised by optimal readability. The Duochronograph 756 also ensures that the time can easily be read in poorly lit environments. In addition, the model features a chronograph with a stopwatch function that is celebrated thanks to its extreme robustness. The stainless steel case is completely nickel free and the metal alloy has been created using TEGIMENT technology. Consequently, the timepiece is extremely hard and particularly resilient. A special Ar-dehumidifying technology ensures that the sapphire watch glass is resistant to fogging.

Sinn Spezialuhren

The watch brand for adventurers

The founder of Sinn Spezialuhren, the pilot and adventurer Helmut Sinn, can look back on a bold and spectacular life. So it comes as no surprise that the watch brand he founded is characterised by adventure. The Sinn timepieces are renowned for their exceptional functionality and extreme robustness. Furthermore, the watches are always showcased as a stylish companion on the wrist. Sinn is primarily celebrated for its robust timepieces, but the brand continually surprises with new models as time progresses.

A wristwatch that holds meaning is the ideal companion for any kind of adventurer – whether it is a pilot manoeuvring through the air, a rally driver zooming along the track, or astronauts soaring into space. In 1985, the Austro-German astronaut Reinhard Furrer was the fist man in space with a watch strapped around his wrist. That timepiece was a model from Sinn Spezialuhren. But it is not only Reinhard Furrer who was a prominent supporter of Sinn Spezialuhren. The brand also calls out to several celebrities and professional athletes. The two former rally drivers Hans-Joachim Stuck and Walter Röhrl are great fans of Sinn wristwatches.

Should the time come for wondrous adventures, a Sinn timepiece makes the perfect companion on the wrist. The wristwatches from the brand are also great, however, when it comes to everyday endeavours. Whether worn to suit the office or an elegant evening event, the timepieces from Sinn exude a sense of elegance and style despite their sporty and functional nature. Therefore, Sinn timepieces have been enjoyed for decades in all aspects.