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Rolex Fat Lady

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Rolex Fat Lady: A dream watch for collectors

The Rolex Fat Lady is the GMT Master Ref. 16760 produced between 1982 and 1988, known as the Fat Lady because of its thick crown protector. For enthusiasts and collectors, the Rolex Fat Lady GMT Master is attractive for several reasons. The watch has unique visual features alongside technical achievements:

  • The Rolex Fat Lady has a thick crown protector.
  • It is the first GMT Master with a sapphire crystal.
  • The black and red Coke bezel was used for the first time in the Rolex GMT Fat Lady.
  • It is a so-called "transitional reference", produced between the Ref. 1675 and the Ref. 16710.
  • Calibre 3085 was used for the first time in this model.

At CHRONEXT, you can buy Rolex Fat Lady models online with authenticity guaranteed! Every watch is inspected by certified CHRONEXT watchmakers in our in-house master workshop. You're in safe hands with us, as we guarantee authenticity with our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.

The new, higher calibre 3085

With the Rolex Fat Lady, the Swiss manufacturer has set a milestone in the field of travel watches. With calibre 3085 installed in the Ref. 16760, the 12-hour hand could be adjusted independently via the crown for the first time thanks to the "quick set hour hand" function. For the first time, it was possible to set a second time zone without using the bezel. For frequent travellers, this was a considerable relief. Additionally, three different time zones could now be displayed on the Rolex Fat Lady when using the bezel.

Since the installed calibre 3085 was more sophisticated than the previously used movement, Rolex built the superior Ref. 16760. In addition to the Fat Lady's thick crown protector and its Coke bezel, the taller case is, therefore, one of the watch's characteristic design features.

Rolex Fat Lady

The most distinctive feature: A thick crown protector

The identifying feature of a Rolex Fat Lady is its crown protector, which is thicker than other five-digit GMT references. While the black and red Coke bezel is also a distinct feature, it was also available on the successor reference 16710 (GMT-Master II). Also, bezels are easily interchangeable. Incidentally, the reason for the thick crown protector is not known. It can only be assumed that the proportions of the watch were to be harmonised due to the slightly greater case height. Not least because of its crown protector, but also because of its technical innovations, the Fat Lady remains a unique, desirable classic to this day.

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Buy a Rolex Fat Lady model at CHRONEXT

If you want to buy a Rolex Fat Lady, you should strike soon, as the price is continuously rising due to its rarity. This is because of the short production period and because the well-preserved models have become rare in the meantime. In our online shop, you will find numerous variants of the GMT-Master and attractive Rolex Fat Lady prices. With us, you benefit from advantages such as our authenticity guarantee and free return shipping.

Every model passes through the hands of our certified watchmakers and comes with our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty whether it's new, used or vintage.