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Rado Ceramica

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Rado Ceramica: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Rado Ceramica

The Rado Ceramica is distinguished both by the unique use of high-tech ceramics as well as the overall modern and refined design elements that make up the timepieces. The innovative design of the Rado Ceramica reinterprets traditional wristwatch form and allows the watch case and the watch bracelet to eloquently merge into one.

Rado endeavours

The global success of the Rado Ceramica

The global success of the Rado Ceramica

In 1917, the Schlup brothers began producing watch movements in their self-established factory in Lengnau, Switzerland. It was not until 1957 that the company began to produce timepieces themselves along with the help of their subsidiary company, Rado Watch Co. Ltd. Today, Rado is one of the most famous watch manufacturers in the world. The company owes its excellent reputation to the brave and skilful use of innovative materials. Among many others, Rado utilises hardmetal, high-tech ceramics, lanthanum, and polycrystalline diamond in the production of watch cases, bracelets, and other timepiece elements.

The Rado Ceramica collection simply impresses with top-quality and nearly unparalleled materials. When the model was initially presented in 1990, it was the first watch model of which both the watch case and bracelet were entirely comprised of scratch resistant high-tech ceramic. In 1998, Rado took another innovative step forward with the introduction of the Ceramica in a unique platinum coloured tone. The timepiece was produced with the use of high-tech ceramics that had been subjected and transformed by a patented plasma treatment. The Ceramica proves once again that Rado leads in the field of high-tech materials and testifies to the zealous innovative spirit of the renowned company.

The Ceramica Multifunction

A classic from Rado

The classic model from the Rado Ceramica series is the Ceramica Multifunction (Ref. 193.0324.3.016). With a case diameter of 28-millimeters, the timepiece can indeed be adorned on the wrists of men and women alike. As the name of the timepiece suggests, the Rado Ceramica Multifunction serves several purposes and is, therefore, the right companion for the everyday. The timepiece features seven additional digital LCD functions such as a day, date, and alarm function, ensuring that the wearer of this timepiece is always perfectly on time. The design of the Ceramica Multifunction is quite typically Rado. Avant-garde meets high-tech functionality, resulting in a wristwatch that stands out from the rest of the crowd thanks to its unique design. The rectangular case and the sleek bracelet of the watch are comprised of a black high-tech ceramic. The dial of the timepiece is also black while the hands, indices, and LCD features of the watch stand out in a contrasting tone.

Ladies timepieces from the Rado Ceramica collection

For delicate wrists

Especially catered towards delicate wrists is the ladies watch from the Rado Ceramica series, whose design remains loyal to the famous Ceramica design. A standout timepiece is the ladies’ Rado Ceramica (Ref. 152.0826.3.075), which is comprised of a watch case and bracelet finished with a platinum-coloured plasma treatment. The overall classy character is rounded off with a restrained black dial and four diamond indices. Additionally, sleek silver-colored hands complement the unique ladies’ watch.

Further models from the women’s Rado Ceramica line are decorated in a classic black, such as the simple Rado Ceramica (Ref. 963.0540.3.023). The case and the bracelet of this timepiece are made of high-tech black ceramic while the dial of the watch is also presented in a sophisticated black. The dial is not fitted with any indices and it is therefore left to the cool steel coloured hands to simply tell the time.