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Omega 311 30 42 30 01 006

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Ref. 311. Sapphire crystal Moonwatch

The Ref. 311. is the 42mm Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph. The special feature of the Ref. 311. is the sapphire crystal on both the front and back of the watch. Thanks to the scratch-resistance of the robust material (genuine synthetic sapphire monocrystals), the front of the watch is unlikely to be scratched, even when subjected to intensive use. Thanks to the glass back, it is also possible to view the chronograph calibre 1863.

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The Ref. 311. in detail

The latest generation of Omega reference numbers consists of 14 digits following the Omega-developed PIC-14 system. Specifically, this is the scheme AAA.BB.CC.DD.EE.FFF. Each pair of digits has a specific meaning. Ref. 311. stands for the following:

  • 311: collection code (311 = Speedmaster)
  • 30: Material of case and band (33 = steel/steel)
  • 42: diameter (42 = 42 millimetres)
  • 30: Calibre and complications (3 = mechanical chronograph, 0 = no further complications)
  • 01: Colour of the dial and if applicable stone setting (= black)
  • 006: Model-specific code (here: sapphire a crystal in front, a sapphire crystal in the back)
Ref. 311.

A finished calibre

The sapphire crystal Ref. 311. differs from the classic Hesalite glass Moonwatch with Ref. 311. not only by the material of the glass on the front and the back. Since the sapphire crystal reference has a glass back, unlike the Speedmaster with Hesalite crystal, Omega has also made some changes to the movement used: The Speedmaster 311. is therefore not equipped with calibre 1861, but with the slightly modified calibre 1863. The movement 1863 was rhodium-plated and finished with Geneva stripes (Côtes de Genève). Furthermore, the lever handle is not made of the plastic Delrin (polyoxymethylene POM), but of a more beautiful looking stainless steel.

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