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IWC Porsche Design: a perfect symbiosis

IWC and Porsche Design – two names that stand for luxury, elegance and innovation. Based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, IWC is one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world. Porsche Design, meanwhile, channels all the sportiness and drive of its parent company Porsche AG. With the watches in the IWC Porsche Design series, you get a perfect fusion of both brands.

The history of the International Watch Company – to give IWC its full name – began in 1868 in Schaffhausen on the banks of the Swiss Rhine. The American entrepreneur and investor Florentine Ariosto Jones founded the company in order to manufacture wristwatches for the US market. The water power of the Rhine and the expertise of Swiss watchmakers both helped to make Schaffhausen an ideal location.

After Jones left the company, the Rauschenbach family took over the group. Under their leadership, the first watches with a digital display were created, along with numerous other pioneering models. Despite some popular releases, IWC initially faced serious financial difficulties. Today, however, the Swiss manufacturer ranks as one of the most important and well-established in the luxury watch market.

Under the leadership of Christoph Graiger-Herr, the company still manufactures all of its timepieces by hand at its main workshops in Switzerland. This includes its flagship Pilot's Watches. Along with many other IWC models, some of these are available in the Porsche Design series.

Porsche Design – inspiration from motorsport

The Porsche Design Studio was established in Stuttgart in 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, whose father founded the Porsche company 40 years before. Two years later, the studio moved its headquarters to Zell am See in Austria.

In 2003 Porsche bought all of Ferdinand Alexander's shares in Porsche Design. Since then, the company has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Stuttgart-based carmaker. Despite this change in ownership, Porsche Design products continue to be developed in their Zell am See studio. The company collaborates with well-known brands - including IWC – to create ranges of clothing, glasses and watches that carry the Porsche stylistic imprint.

Taking their inspiration from motorsport, Porsche Design watches celebrate the fusion of style and function. Black dials and the use of titanium are just a few of many nods to the world of racing cars. And needless to say, the collaboration with IWC is also an homage to great Swiss engineering and craftsmanship. Popular models include the IWC Porsche Design Ocean 500. If you're looking for a dress watch, consider an IWC Porsche Design in gold, and there are some impressively accurate IWC Porsche Design quartz options too.

IWC Porsche Design: design and function in an ideal symbiosis

The IWC Porsche Design Ocean 2000 model is a real collector's item with a fascinating history. Used for a long time by divers in the German armed forces, it has been fully optimized for underwater use. An illuminated dial and extremely robust housing all play a part in giving this watch its classic status.

Porsche Design and IWC have also created the perfect union of design and function with the 1919 Collection. Available in three versions these luxury watches are notable for their smooth transition between casing and bracelet, which gives the models a form-fitting, sporty aesthetic.

  • IWC Porsche Design Globetimer: inspired by Porsche racing car cockpits, this model has two time zone indicators.

  • IWC Porsche Design Chronotimer: clean, minimalist, design and high performance characterize this pared back model.

  • IWC Porsche Design data timer: these masterpieces of the 1919 Collection offer titanium housings, seven-way non-reflective sapphire glass and a LaserFlex rubber strap.

Buy IWC Porsche Design watches new and used from CHRONEXT

Whether you're shopping for a sporty IWC Porsche Design quartz watch or a gold timepiece with that IWC Porsche Design flair, CHRONEXT is a safe bet. Every watch sold through us has to go through our master workshop, where it must pass comprehensive quality control checks. This is how we ensure that your watch arrives in the best possible condition. We offer a 24 month guarantee, and you're sure to be tempted by our competitive prices for IWC Porsche Design models.

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