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Hamilton Jazzmaster

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Hamilton Jazzmaster: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Hamilton Jazzmaster

The fascination with Hamilton timepiece undoubtedly lies in the brand’s unique blend of classic American style with Swiss watchmaking tradition. The spirit of jazz has inspired the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection that is comprised of both classic design and avant-garde elements.

The unique character of the Jazzmaster

A tribute to Jazz

Hamilton is a successful watch manufacturer that was established in the United States of America. The watchmakers perfectly honour the spirit of the Jazz genre, which was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the US. The Hamilton Jazz line symbolises traditional and improvised jazz melodies with their exceptional models that vary in surprising and unexpected design elements.

Classic American style is combined with Swiss watchmaking precision when it comes to Hamilton timepieces. The Hamilton watches in particular call out to lovers of jazz with unpredictable optics and sophisticated movements. The diversity of the watch collection designs ensures that the collection presents a faithful companion for any style preference. The Hamilton Jazzmaster timepieces are classic yet unconventional at the same time, simply impressing on each and every wrist that they adorn.


A watch manufacturer with a classic American spirit

Hamilton is one of the most important watch manufacturers based in America. The company was established in 1892 in Lancaster, USA, in the state of Pennsylvania. The company has now conquered the international market but can look back on a long and eventful history. Hamilton clocks once ensured Railroad accuracy in the United States, as the company grew into one of the largest watch manufacturers and provided timepieces for the expansion of the railroad industry. The company grew to claim over 50 percent of American market share as the expansion of the railroad system called for the frequent use of precise high-quality pocket watches.

As the timekeeping trend increasingly moved towards wristwatches, Hamilton cleverly began to produce watches in order to serve the needs of its clientele with reliable technology and innovative designs. The Hamilton chronometers grew to hold a special place in American history. During the Second World War, the manufacturer paused watch production to the general market and began to equip the US military with specifically designed precision timepieces. More than one million wristwatches were produced with the sole purpose of serving the country.

Popular Models

Jazzmaster - an upbeat collection

The Hamilton Jazzmaster collection is comprised of a multitude of individual models. Clients are presented with a choice between the Jazzmaster Seaview, Viewmatic, Regulator, GMT, Face 2 Face, Thinline, Traveler, Small Second, Slim, Open Heart, Gent, Maestro, Chrono, Lord and the Day Date. The watches from the collection that specifically cater to women include the Jazzmaster Lady, Square Lady and Viewmatic Skeleton Lady.

Screen presence

Hamilton - a Hollywood star of watches

Since its founding, Hamilton has always impressed it customers with innovative and charming designs. The brand was the first to manufacture an electronically operated watch and presented the Hamilton Electric 500 in 1957. The timepiece enriched the overall craft of watchmaking on an international scale. Hamilton has also been an important player in aviation since 1919. The brand was, in fact, the official watchmaker of the commercial airlines TWA, Eastern, United and Northwest.

The Hamilton brand appreciates its relationship with worldwide clients and is certainly connected with numerous celebrities. The eye-catching brand models played an integral part in iconic films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Ocean's Eleven, Blue Hawaii and even the James Bond film Live and Let Die.