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Patek Philippe Nautilus

In the mid-1970s, Patek Philippe invited the renowned watch designer Gérald Genta to create a watch for the traditional Swiss watch manufacturer. Inspired by the distinctive shape of maritime portholes, Genta designed a classic timepiece with the combination of robust steel with the fine craftsmanship known of luxury watches. In 1976, the Nautilus created a sensation around the globe.

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Revolutionary: Patek Philippe Nautilus

In the mid-1970s, Patek Philippe invited the renowned watch designer Gérald Genta to create a watch for the traditional Swiss watch manufacturer. Inspired by the distinctive shape of maritime portholes, Genta designed a classic timepiece with the combination of robust steel with the fine craftsmanship known of luxury watches. In 1976, the Nautilus created a sensation around the globe.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

A big watch by a big manufacturer


There are countless watches that are characterised by their exquisite design, but the Patek Philippe Nautilus has left its unique mark in the world of fine timepieces. The watch was introduced in 1976 and immediately had to prove itself as a luxurious sports watch – a design concept that was especially unusual for affluent manufacturers at the time.

The concept of a sports luxury watch can be quite arbitrary. Patek Philippe turned to the famous watch designer Gérald Genta who was a distinguished individual in the watch industry and known to be able to successfully unite the contrasting design features. Genta drew his inspiration from the structures of portholes and transformed his vision into the basic characteristics of the Nautilus: sporty, waterproof, and robust.

The presentation of the Patek Philippe Nautilus caused a sensation in 1976. The original Ref. 3700 was equipped with a 42-milimeter case diameter, which back then, was unusually large. The simple use of stainless steel by the brand seemed to cause a revolution in the world of luxury watchmaking. Before long, the Nautilus had gathered a following amidst watch aficionados.

With its unique character and a bold interplay of design features, it is not hard to fall head over heels for the unique timepiece. Furthermore, despite the high price range, the Nautilus gathers an especially large demand when it comes to both new and second-hand models.

Sporty and nobel

Sporty yet regal, the Patek Philippe Nautilus distinctly stands out from other luxury timepieces. In 2006, Patek Philipps introduced a stylish revision of the classic Nautilus by Gérald Genta (Ref. 3700) that skilfully preserved the unique elements of the original model. All Nautilus models place an emphasis on simple legibility and a refined luxurious design. The Nautilus is equipped with waterproof capabilities up to 120 meters. Furthermore, the watch stands out with a strap that is comprised of high-grade materials including steel and leather.

The maritime influence has contributed largely to the unique components of the Nautilus. While the original model consisted of two basic elements – the bezel and the case – today's current Nautilus (Ref. 5711/1) is comprised of three parts: the bezel, the case body, as well as the case back. The case diameter measures 43 millimeters and is slighter larger than it's "Jumbo" predecessor from the 70s.

The Nautilus Ref. 5711/1 is powered by an exclusive movement that has been developed and manufactured by the luxurious watch manufacturer itself. The mechanic automatic movement caliber 324 SC can be admired through the transparent case back of the watch, which distinguishes the timepiece from the original Nautilus model. Furthermore, the green-blue hue of the dial fascinates when it catches the light. The placement of a sweephand has slightly changed the design of the contemporary Nautilus, but the combination of sporty elegance and puristic design will always remain the same.

Complicated yet simple

Nautilus Ref. 5712, Nautilus Ref. 5726 und Nautilus Ref. 5980

1998 was a time of further enrichment for Patek Philippe: the luxurious watch manufacturer presented the first Nautilus equipped with a complication that went beyond the time and date display. The Nautilus Ref. 3710 was fitted with a power reserve indicator. Today, the watch manufacturer offers a range of Nautilus models with complications. Clients can acquire a sporty luxurious watch that is equipped with a watch movement of Haute Horlogerie.

A prominent example is the Ref. 5712/1, which is the successor of the Ref. 3712. Fitted with an annual calendar, a moon phase display, and a power reserve indicator, the Nautilus model quickly won over the hearts of watch aficionados. The Patek Philippe Ref. 5726 also provides many complications including an annual calendar, a moon phase display, a 24-hour dial, and a sweep seconds hand.

A real eye-catcher is the Ref. 5980, which is available in a choice of pink gold, steel, or a sporty combination of both materials. The timepiece impressed with an exceptional chronograph display as well as a 60-minute and 12-hour monocounter at 6 o'clock.

Travel with style

The Nautilus Travel Time Ref. 5990

During the Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show 2014, a novelty timepiece was presented – the Nautilus Travel Time (Ref: 5990/1A). The noble chronograph convinces with a design reminiscent of maritime portholes as well as with robust materials that are utilised in the creation of the timepiece.

The 4 watch hands are easily distinguished from one another thanks to subtle design differences. Although the minute hand is slightly thinner than the hour hand, both indicators share the same distinctive shape. The elegant sweep seconds hand is the thinnest of them all while the "home" hour hand is skeletonized. To make matters more legible, the hometown pointer overlaps the local pointer when there is only need for one timezone.

The dual time zone function was first presented in a Patek Philippe Calatrava model during the late 90s and was thoroughly valued thanks to its simple and intuitive usage. The technical details of the watch include a diameter that measures 40.5 millimetres and a mechanical movement with automatic winding mechanism calibre CH 28-520 C FUS, which is manufactured from 370 parts and contains a power reserve of 55 hours.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Lady

The classic Nautilus is predominantly known as a luxury watch for men. In order to cater to all sides of the market, Patek Philippe launched the Nautilus for women (Ref. 7010). The timepiece is available in white or rose gold and the dial of the watch can be decorated with or without diamonds. Furthermore, the dial of the watch is presented in silver-white or dark grey.

The classic Nautilus has been reinterpreted to represent the women of today. The classic timepiece appeals to a wide range of clientele since it adds a fantastic elegance and degree of empowerment to any wrist it accompanies. The original Nautilus for women was further followed by distinctive models. A highly exclusive timepiece is the Nautilus Ref. 7021/1 in white gold. From the impressive dial of the watch to the small enclosure, the timepiece is fully set with diamonds. Also adorned with 56 baguette-cut diamonds on the white gold bezel of the case is the Nautilus Ref. 7014/1.

Sought after & searched for

Nautilus vintage models and second-hand Nautilus watches

The avant-garde reminiscent Nautilus (Ref. 3700) achieved little recognition from watch experts during the time of its presentation in the 70s. So it is hardly surprising that the robust steel watch with a sturdy design turned out to be an exceptional anomaly.

The original Nautilus quickly earned the nickname "Jumbo Nautilus", as the case diameter measured 42-millimetres and was considered to be enormous at the time. The structure of the watch consisted of a bezel and a case, and both parts of the watch were fitted into one another. A special feature of the vintage Nautilus is the simple dial with two hands, which only display hours, minutes, and the date. It was a conscious decision made by Patek Philippe to omit the second dial, in order to simplify the design of the refined timepiece. Today, the earlier models that consist of two basic components are very popular. The simple design of the original Nautilus men's watches appeals to many enthusiasts. Evidently, the luxurious timepiece does not come cheap. Due to the high demand of the watch along with Patek Philippe brand policy, prices for a used Nautilus watch are not much cheaper than the brand new models.

Sporty and prominent

Fascinated celebrities & the Patek Philippe Nautilus

The luxury sports watch Nautilus has become a best seller in recent years. Not surprisingly, there are long waiting lists for these classical timepieces. To make matters more exclusive, the Patek Philippe Nautilus has a prominent clientele list of bearers, amongst which CEOs of global corporations, as well as famous athletes, rock stars, and actors belong. Brad Pitt has been photographed on several occasions sporting a Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A on his wrist, which is one of his all-time favourite timepieces.

Phil Schiller, the vice president of marketing at Apple, is also a supporter of the Patek Philippe Nautilus. He not only wears his Nautilus for personal enjoyment since he has been documented wearing the watch at prominent events, including the launch of Apple products. On the sports front, famous Italian footballer Andrea Pirlo has been known to flaunt his Patek Philippe Nautilus with a sense of flair and everlasting elegance.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

In 1839, the Swiss watchmaker Patek Philippe was founded by the polish officer, Antoine Patek. A few years later, the ingenious watchmaker Jean-Adrien Philippe joined the company resulting in numerous patents and innovations such as the winding crown for pocket watches. The revolutionary invention modernised the usage of wristwatches since a key was no longer needed in order to wind the crown.

Today, Patek Philippe is considered to be one of the best and last independent watch manufacturers in the world. As a result, the luxurious Geneva-based watchmakers hold a special rank in the watch industry. Royal families and business leaders trust in the historical experiences of Patek Philippe as well as the technical finesse of the luxurious timepieces. The timeless and beautiful designs of the watch guarantee the value of the timepieces since they can be worn and passed on from one generation to the next.

Throughout the years, the Nautilus collection has left its mark on the hearts and souls of watch experts and aficionados. The nautilus is currently one of the most highly-sought after pieces regardless of whether it is new or used.

Variants of the Nautilus

Buying a Patek Philippe Nautilus at CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT you can buy a large selection of Patek Philippe Nautilus models at fair prices. If you are interested in buying one of these models, we also recommend that you take a look at the second-hand market, because pre-owned Patek Philippe watches offer you optimum value for money: not only do you benefit from immediate availability, but also from the value retention potential of the PP Nautilus.