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Rado DiaStar

The first scratch resistant timepiece to be presented to the world was the Rado DiaStar. The watch was launched in 1962 and ultimately revolutionised the watchmaking universe. The DiaStar established Rado as a specialist in the field of robust watch materials and the company still holds a renowned reputation today. The collection D-star continues the tradition of eternally classic Rado timepieces.

Since 1962

The Rado DiaStar – a continuing success story

The Rado DiaStar – a continuing success story

The Schlup brothers laid down the foundation for their ébauche movement factory, Schlup & Co, in 1917 in Lengnau, Switzerland. The movement factory laid down the foundation for the successful company Rado, as we know it today. Initially, the operation focused on the strict manufacture of raw movements. It was only following 40 years of operation when the company launched their first watch collection under the suitable name of Rado in 1957.

A few years following the launch of the Rado collection, the sensational DiaStar was presented to the market as the first scratch-resistant watch in the world. It goes without saying that the watch immediately gained cult status. The model featured robust elements that served to be extremely useful in everyday life. However, the initial motivation behind the creation of a scratch resistant timepiece resulted from more than just everyday functionality.

When Rado first began producing in-house gold watches – a material that was very much in high demand during the 1960s – the timepieces were being exported from Rado headquarter to the Far East. Upon arrival, the watches often had to be refurbished because they were clearly marked with distinct scratches as a result of their long travel. Consequently, the former Rado chief, Paul Lüthi, set out on creating a watch case that offers durable scratch resistance. The conventional watch materials could not measure up to scratchproof standards, however, and so Rado turned to the innovative field of watch material research and testing. Subsequently, the strong and resistant hardmetal material came to light in the form of the 1962 Rado DiaStar. Thanks to the oval shape of the watch, the model demonstrated further resistance to scratches both during shipping journeys and throughout everyday use.

As hard as a diamond and as shiny as a star, the Rado DiaStar is derived from the words “diamond” and “star”. Despite an initially hesitant response from the watch-loving world, the DiaStar became a highly-sought out model among watch experts and connoisseurs within a very impressive period of time.

High-tech materials

DiaStar - a Rado star

Since the introduction of the DiaStar in 1962, the Rado brand has established itself as a manufacturer of extremely robust watches. The original DiaStar model from the 1960s can be recognised with a date window at the 3 o’clock position and a unique case construction. The material mix utilised in the original model – which is now over 50 years old – has been continually optimised over time and shines today with robustness and comfort.

With a distinctive oval shape, the DiaStar is now a classic among the world of wristwatches. Both vintage collectors and lovers of innovative watch designs concepts highly appreciate the Rado DiaStar model. In 1987, Rado sold the 1.5-millionth DiaStar watch, further highlighting its “star” status. The current Rado collection offers the timepiece with its original design from the 1960s. It can be found listed under the name “original”, such as the Rado Original (Ref. 114.0305.3.031) that is comprised of steel-coloured hardmetal and an elegant black dial.

Diverse collections of Rado D-Star

Consistently robust

Throughout the decades, Rado has launched numerous collections of the DiaStar that have always demonstrated cutting-edge technology and innovative design reinterpretations. Today, the watch family has extended since the very first DiaStar and is now represented under the slighter shortened name, “D-Star”. The D-Star collection is comprised of three sub-lines: the D-Star, the D-Star 200, and Original.

While the original model remains true to the design and the spirit of the DiaStar from the 1960s, the models D-Star and D-Star 200 offer a contemporary interpretation of the renowned classic. The D-Star line includes the popular deep-black D-Star Automatic (Ref. 658.0609.3.017), which is the perfect elegant model for all occasions and is characterised by the typical robustness that has come to be known of Rado. The D-Star collection also presents the D-star 200, which is characterised by a sporty feel. A highly sought after model from this series is the D-Star 200 Automatic Chronograph (Ref. 604.0965.3.215) that comes equipped with a solid 44-millimeter stainless steel case and water resistance up to 200 meters.

Lovers of vintage models can definitely take a gander at the second-hand market for used watches since a wide variety of DiaStar models can be quickly discovered there. Available on the second-hand market are rarities, including the DiaStar chronometer, the DiaStar Quartz with a digital display, or its sister model, the DiaStar Quartz Digital LED Programmable. There are also brilliant DiaStar variations available in white gold or brilliantly cut diamonds. The distinctive DiaStar Alarm with a pleasant alarm function or the DiaStar Elegance with a standout square case can be found relatively easily on the second-hand market. Other popular vintage models from the classic Rado collection include the DiaStar Jubilé, the DiaStar Magic and the DiaStar Sapphire.

The DiaStar among the Stars

Rado adorns prominent wrists

Rado timepieces have been convincing for as long as we watch lovers can remember. The renowned brand impresses not only with sophisticated and refined designs but also with long-term reliability and longevity. Rado is known for being a pioneer in the field of material research and has utilised unique and innovative watch materials such as hardmetal, technical ceramics, lanthanum, and polycrystalline diamond. All Rado models follow a “less is more” principle and are characterised by subtle elegance.

The Rado DiaStar is regarded as an aesthetic and a technological feat that has impressed watch lovers worldwide since its inception. Prominent individuals are among the Rado clientele and the Rado brand ambassadors. Tennis athletes Rohan Bopanna, Julia Goerges, and Andy Murray are proud representatives of the celebrated brand. Andy Murray is known to wear the Rado D-Star 200 Automatic Chronograph XXL, which he sported at the US Open 2012 victory ceremony, where he did not surprisingly arise as the winner of the competition.