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Hublot Classic Fusion

It is a Hublot watch for a classic look: In 2010, the Swiss watch manufacturer introduced the Classic Fusion. Inspired by Hublot models from the 80s and the popular Big Bang, the Classic Fusion is defined by the brand’s hallmark aesthetics and a feel of modern elegance. Its universal shape holds equal appeal for men and women alike. At CHRONEXT, you can buy a wide range of nobel Classic Fusion models – for great prices and available for immediate delivery.
Hublot Classic Fusion: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Hublot Classic Fusion – Striking design meets timeless elegance

It is a Hublot watch for a classic look: In 2010, the Swiss watch manufacturer introduced the Classic Fusion. Inspired by Hublot models from the 80s and the popular Big Bang, the Classic Fusion is defined by the brand’s hallmark aesthetics and a feel of modern elegance. Its universal shape holds equal appeal for men and women alike. At CHRONEXT, you can buy a wide range of nobel Classic Fusion models – for great prices and available for immediate delivery.

A combination of tradition and modernity

The Hublot Classic Fusion


Hublot regularly manages to create masterful compositions by merging perceived opposites: When it comes to the Classic Fusion, the eccentric design for which the brand is celebrated for meets traditional workmanship. Here, the word “Fusion” refers to the combination of different materials and does not only define the Hublot Classic Fusion Collection, but also reflects one of Hublot’s philosophies.

Presented in 2010, the Classic Fusion is considered an elegant and restrained - yet no less expressive - variant of the flagship model Big Bang. The Hublot Classic Fusion features a slim profile, which creates a delicate and straightforward appearance as compared to its famous counterpart. The case of the watch, which evokes the look of a porthole, along with the rugged hands and indices of the timepiece are characteristic for Hublot.

The watches of the Hublot Classic Fusion line are available in three different sizes: 38mm, 42mm, and 45mm. The line entices with a high degree of variation, which ensures that every client will discover a version that suits their preferences. Flawless workmanship and exquisite design within the Classic Fusion line inspire individuals who appreciate traditional watchmaking and modern design.

Hublot Classic Fusion Ceramic

Hublot has mastered the art of catering to the client’s every wish. The brand is famous for their affinity towards experimentation and for the versatility of their collections.

The Classic Fusion collection delights with a wide selection of sizes, materials, and features. The Hublot Classic Fusion Skeleton (e.g. Ref. 515.NX.0170.LR), a robust titanium men’s watch with a hand-wound movement, is a real eye catcher. The Classic Fusion Skeleton that is comprised of rose gold (Ref. 515.OX.0180.LR) is limited to 500 units worldwide. The Hublot Classic Fusion Ultra Thin (e.g. Ref. 515.NX.1270.LR), featuring an extremely durable titanium bezel, hand-winding mechanism, and a 90-hour power reserve has also become a widely popular Hublot watch. The men’s watch Hublot Classic Fusion Automatic Ceramic (e.g. Ref. 511.CM.1770.RX), is equally impressive with its classy black ceramic case and matching black dial. At 45mm wide, it is available at comparably affordable prices. The Hublot Aerofusion Black Magic (Ref. 525.CM.1070.RX) also delights with an inviting price and its skeleton design makes for a thrilling sight.

Those loyal to the Hublot brand may also feel nostalgic towards the predecessors of the Classic Fusion: the Hublot Classic (Ref. 1521.1) or the Hublot Classic Steel & Gold (Ref. 1521.2) with a casual rubber bracelet are both popular models that are relatively affordable on the second-hand market.

Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph

Functionality & luxurious design

The Classic Fusion Automatic Chronograph in titanium (Ref. 521.NX.1170.LR) is Hublot’s answer to the requirements of a modern men’s watch.

The chronograph combines functionality and luxurious design through means of its elegant black dial and two symmetrical totalizers. The comfortable wristband, available in rubber or crocodile leather, gently clutches the wrist and can be easily removed thanks to the steel folding clasp.

The Classic Fusion Chronograph is characterised by its size of 45 mm and the automatic movement HUB 1143 with a 42-hour power reserve. The Classic Fusion Chronograph Black Magic (521.CM.1770.RX) is also in strong demand, as its deep black exterior pairs equally well with fine suits and casual everyday outfits. Advocates of traditional materials being used in watchmaking will love the Classic Fusion Chronograph King Gold (Ref. 521.OX.1180.LR) or the Classic Fusion King Gold Opalin (Ref. 521.OX.2610.LR), whose golden cases exhume a sophisticated feel.

Mysterious Black Magic

Hublot All Black

The colour black has always been simultaneously viewed as mysterious and stylish, and Hublot’s Classic Fusion All Black Collection definitely lives up to this classification. The Hublot Classic Fusion Black Magic (Ref. 511.CM.1770.RX), which is most likely the most famous model of the collection, exudes an air of mystery and allure.

Launched in 2006, the black colour concept has easily become one of the most popular designs by Hublot. The watch successfully combines a captivating set of different materials, surface finishes, and textures. The result: a watch that is strikingly unobtrusive. It is important to note that every Hublot watch that follows the all black colour concept, presents itself entirely in black, from the ceramic case to the miniscule features to the dial. The Black Magic model is therefore not the only model that is clad in black: the Skull Tourbillon Black Skull (Ref. 511.CM.1770.RX) perfectly demonstrates the unconventional side of the brand that has always reveled in defying traditional standards.

Rich with watch complications

The Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon & Hublot Classic Fusion Minute Repeater

Hublot does not only inspire with extravagant fusion design, but also with innovative technology. The Hublot influence is exemplified with the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Skeleton Titanium (Ref. 506.NX.1070.LR) and the Classic Fusion Tourbillon Minute Repeater Titanium (Ref. 504.NX.0170.LR).

Both the tourbillon and the minute repetition represent first-class watchmaking workmanship and complement the innovative design of the Hublot Classic Fusion models. At the same time, the sapphire dial of the Skeleton Hublot watch allows an impressive view of the mechanical movement, the tourbillon escapement, and the mechanics of the minute repeater. The skeletonized tourbillon movement consists of 319 parts and boasts special durability. The gold-plated or rhodium-plated indices and hands along with the exclusive case of the watch represents a breathtaking work of art. In addition, the minute repeater reflects the highest competency standard in watchmaking and is reserved for elite manufacturers. Watch enthusiasts highly appreciate the exceptional chime of the two-gong minute repeater whose sound resonates deeply through the case material and is carried harmoniously throughout a space.

A favourite among stars and athletes

Dwayne Wade, Jay Z, Pelé

The Hublot Classic Fusion is a renowned favourite among stars, athletes and watch bloggers. The Hublot Classic Fusion Dwayne Wade (Ref.525.CS.0138.LR.DWD14), which was presented in 2014, is already the second creation resulting from the cooperation between Hublot and NBA champion, Dwayne Wade. The watch stands out due to its polished black ceramic case and lavish skeleton dial. Its predecessor was the 2011 King Power Dwayne Wade. The ceramic case includes 18-carat gold screws and houses a calibre HUB 1155 movement, which ensures great accuracy. Limited to 250 units, the Hublot Classic Fusion Dwayne Wade quickly became a coveted collector’s item.

In 2012, Shawn Carter (Jay Z) designed two Classic Fusion models (e.g. Ref. 515.CM.1040.LR.SCH13), which were launched by Hublot the following year. Both versions come equipped with an HUB 1300 hand-wound movement, a 90-hour power reserve and are watertight up to 50 metres. While the black ceramic model is limited to 250 units, only 100 units of the gold model have been produced.

Equally inspiring: the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Pelé (Ref. 525.Cm.0179.VR.PEL14) is presented in a sportive and alluring black, which alludes to Hublot’s special relationship with football. For years, the company has been cooperating with famous clubs and players and is seen as the primary manufacturer of luxury watches when it comes to the world of football.

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