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Breitling Emergency

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Breitling Emergency and Emergency II

The Breitling Emergency and its successor, the Emergency II, do a lot more than just tell the time: they can save your life. An integrated micro-transmitter enables the wearer of the watch to send a distress signal in case of an emergency, allowing them to be rapidly located and rescued. This Breitling Professional Collection model combines state-of-the-art wristwatch technology with intuitive functionality and a unique range of features.

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Breitling Emergency

A watch to save your life

A watch to save your life

The Breitling Emergency is more than just a timepiece - it is a highly sophisticated technological mechanism that can save lives. Pilots, seafarers, and other adventurers can depend on the Breitling Emergency when they most need it.

The Emergency I and II are prime examples of Breitling’s long-standing cooperation with the world of aviation. The Swiss manufacturer’s extensive experience with professional pilots is evident in the way that the needs of the clientele are met.

The Breitling guardian

The Emergency I (Ref. E56321) was first introduced in 1995 as part of the Breitling Professional lineup and was intended to be a successor to the Breitling Aerospace with extended features. Its design exhibits classic elements of its predecessor, like the dial’s integrated digital LCD display.

However, the Emergency far surpasses the Breitling Aerospace when it comes to functionality; its emergency beacon system is a groundbreaking global sensation. In an emergency situation, an individual can be located from a distance of up to 100 miles. The Breitling Emergency l is, therefore, one of the most popular watches amongst aviators, explorers, and adventurers. According to Breitling, dozens of cases have been documented in which a Breitling Emergency played a decisive role in the rescue of persons from life-threatening situations. Today, this innovative watch is only available when buying used timepieces, so the micro-transmitter should always be inspected beforehand to ensure that it is functioning properly.

The SuperQuartz version (Ref. E76321) and the special edition Emergency Mission (Ref. A73321) represent interesting alternatives; the latter even evokes the look of classic chronographs. As long as the watch is properly maintained, the Emergency I is an affordable alternative to later models that charms watch enthusiasts with its vintage character.

Looking ahead

The dual-channel transmitter of the Emergency II

In 2013, Breitling demonstrated its innovative capacity once again with the new Emergency II (Ref. 76325). Like its predecessor, it relies heavily on the international search-and-rescue system Cospas Sarsat, a network of low-earth polar orbit satellites and geosynchronous satellites. This system relays distress signals and beacon location data to local search and rescue services, allowing the positioning and rescue of persons in danger.

In 2009, the Corpas-Sarsat system switched from the analogue 121,5 MHz frequency to the digital frequency 406 MHz, a step that ensured increased security and higher information flow, and significantly reduced the number of false alarms. The Breitling Emergency II continues to use both frequencies since the 121,5 MHz frequency is still used by ships and aircrafts. Its dual-frequency transmitter alternates between the two channels to relay its SOS beacon signal.

The use of this feature is straightforward, but for the sake of safety, short instructions are engraved on the bottom of the case in order to save valuable time in life-threatening situations.

The Emergency II

Peak performance in a 51mm case

The Emergency II is housed in a 51-millimeter case with a sportive and functional design. The miniature dual-frequency transmitter that fits this case was developed by Breitling in cooperation with an aviation institute.

This sort of influential innovation naturally comes at a price, which is why the price difference between the Emergency I and II is quite significant. While the previous model is available from around 2,800 pounds, the new model comes up to about 9,800 pounds.

When it comes to investments, however, safety is an important feature to consider. For pilots, seafarers, and adventurers alike, the Breitling Emergency is the most reliable of guardian angels.

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The Breitling Emergency is a watch for extreme situations. Discover this and much more Breitling watches in our online shop.

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