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Rolex 116619lb

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What does Ref. 116619LB mean?

Behind the Ref. 116619LB is one of the rarest and most exclusive Rolex models of recent times: the Rolex Submariner Date in white gold. Like only a few other models, this watch combines exclusive luxury with an authentic Toolwatch attitude. While the Rolex brand is the epitome of luxury, the Ref. 116619LB enhances this quality with precious 18-carat white gold. The case, bracelet, the borders of the indices and the hands are all made from it. At the same time, the 116619LB allows professional diving thanks to its perfect readability, its diving bezel and its water-resistance at depths up to 300 metres.

At CHRONEXT you will find the Submariner 116619LB and many other Rolex references at attractive prices. If a model is not available, our newsletter will keep you up to date with our newest additions and special offers.

The details

The reference numbers assigned by Rolex follow a specific scheme. For this reason, the Ref. 116619LB already indicates some of the watch's characteristics. In the case of the Rolex 116619LB:

  • Since the Rolex 116619LB is a six-digit reference number, this Submariner is a model of perfect quality. Since the early 2000s, Rolex has gradually introduced six-digit reference numbers. These followed the initial four and then five-digit references, which did not yet feature solid bands and perfect case finishes.
  • The "11" at the beginning of this reference number indicates that Ref. 116619LB uses calibre 3135. This in-house calibre was first used in 1988 and is regarded by connoisseurs as one of the most reliable mechanisms ever.
  • The "9" at the end indicates that Ref. 116619LB is made from white gold. The last number traditionally stands for the material used. While a "9" indicates white gold, a "0" stands for stainless steel and an "8" for yellow gold.
  • The letter combination "LB" is an abbreviation for "lunette bleu" which describes the blue colour of the 116619LB bezel.

An understated timepiece for lovers of blue

The Ref. 116619LB is not only characterised by its understated design, but also by its electrifying blue tones. As white gold is both exclusive and refined, the 116619LB flies unobtrusively under the radar. The difference to stainless steel is often only noticeable when you hold the watch in your hand, as it is much heavier than the stainless steel Submariner.

Another feature of the Rolex 116619LB is its attractive blue colour: while a large proportion of the coloured Rolex dials have a sunburst finish, the white gold sub is painted blue. As the successor Ref. 126619LB, introduced in September 2020, only has a blue bezel (the dial is now black), Ref. 116619LB is particularly attractive to those who love the colour blue.

Attractive offers

Buy Submariner references from CHRONEXT

The Rolex Submariner is one of the most popular Rolex models. As such, it is now difficult to get hold of this diver's watch or the rare Ref. 116619LB.

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