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Rolex 1990 Watches

Rolex 1990 with the best neo-vintage models

The Rolex 1990 models are distinguished above all their representation of the last stage in authentic, classic tool-watch development. Also, the Swiss manufacturer presented the successor to the legendary Submariner No Date Ref. 5513 in 1990. The neo-vintage models of the 1990s are sought-after classics today, which are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Good condition models are rare, so strike promptly!

At CHRONEXT, you will find a wide selection of Rolex 1990 watches and many other vintage models from the brand, each including a guarantee of authenticity. Our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers inspect every model before it is released for sale, and we guarantee this with our 24-month warranty.

Rolex 1990

The last true Tool Watches

No manufacturer is as famous for robust Tool Watches as Rolex. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the manufacturer presented timepieces designed for professional users with waterproof automatic watches and later with pioneering Tool Watches such as the GMT-Master or the Submariner. To this day, these models are prized for their exceptional reliability and functionality. The references that Rolex produced in 1990 and the following years are particularly sought after among collectors. They are among the last models that still have the following features:

  • Pierced horns
  • Tritium luminous material
  • Strap lugs made of sheet metal

Combined with sapphire crystals, which Rolex used from the late 1980s to the early 1990s, the 1990 models are attractive neo-vintage pieces. Thanks to their scratch-resistant glass, they offer the best possible suitability for everyday use and water resistance. Also with these characteristics, the watches have a vintage charm, and the wearing comfort is incomparable.

Rolex Submariner from 1990: Ref. 14060

Just in time for the start of the new decade, Rolex launched a new generation of the Submariner No Date in 1990 with the Ref. 14060. It replaced Ref. 5513 after 28 years of production. The reference 14060 is an excellent example of a neo-vintage Rolex. With a sapphire crystal and indices with white gold borders on the dial, modern features can already be seen. Nevertheless, the reference retained its sheet metal lugs and pierced horns until the production period ended. Until 1998, Rolex used tritium luminous material.

The Rolex Datejust in the 1990s

The Datejust, the manufacturer's oldest and most classic model, has also been continuously improved over the decades. The Rolex 1990 Datejust references were launched in 1988 and are distinguished by Ref. 162XX, in contrast to Ref. 160XX produced before that. The 162XX references already have a sapphire crystal and a revised 3135 calibre, which Rolex used in numerous collections in 1990 and the following years. The movement is one of the most reliable and well-tested calibres around. In contrast to its predecessor, Ref. 160XX, it has a balance bridge and a freely oscillating Breguet hairspring. These innovations result in better adjustability and increased precision.

Certified luxury watches

Buy a Rolex 1990 watch at CHRONEXT

In our online shop, you will find numerous Rolex models from the past decades, including references from the 1990s like the X or N series (Rolex 1991) or the W series (Rolex 1995). Along with attractive Rolex 1990 watch prices and immediate delivery, we offer free return shipping and personal collection at a CHRONEXT Lounge.

100% original: Every watch you find in our online shop is extensively inspected for authenticity and quality by certified CHRONEXT watchmakers in our master workshop in Cologne before it is sold. We guarantee this with our 24-month warranty.