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The price development of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Price increase with many opportunities

The price development of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Nils Rau

If you take a look at the Audemars Piguet price development, the price of the Royal Oak Jumbo (Ref. 15202ST) has more than doubled. This positive development is also reflected in other Royal Oak references. There are many reasons to believe that the end of the road has not yet been reached. At the same time, new opportunities are opening up. As always, you will learn more with us.

Price development of the Royal Oak: Archetype of a Luxury Watch

Stainless steel sports watches are by far the most sought-after luxury watches. They are usually sporty and elegant, go well with both suits and casual wear, and at the same time represent a reliable, promising investment: Exposed models such as the Rolex Daytona, Patek Philippe Nautilus or the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak encounter such high demand that their market price exceeds the list price many times over.

Above all, the price of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo Extra-Thin in stainless steel with a blue dial (Ref. 15202ST.OO.1240ST.01) has more than doubled since 2020. The watch is now being traded for well over 100,000 euros. In comparison: according to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak price list, the list price for this model is just over 30,000 euros.

No end to the price rise in sight

In the first half of 2021, in particular, the Ref. 15202ST saw an impressive jump in price - from around 50,000 euros to around 100,000 euros. This is likely to be linked to the publication of Patek Philippe's run-out list, usually announced in January, which this year announced the end of the Nautilus (Ref. 5711) after 25 years of production. Furthermore, the reasons for the enormous price increase persist:

  • Hype on luxury watches on stainless steel

  • Exclusive boutique system at Audemars Piguet with limited production

  • High prices at auctions by Philipps, Christies and Co.

  • Blue dial and cult factor of the Ref. 15202ST.OO.1240ST.01

It is hardly surprising that of all the Royal Oak models, Ref. 15202ST.OO.1240ST.01 has seen the most rapid price development: the watch is inspired by the classic Royal Oak Ref. 5402ST, making it the most iconic Royal Oak model of our time. Meanwhile, it is hard to see prices coming down again at any point. Rather, the opposite is likely to be the case. Once the Ref. 15202ST is discontinued, no one will be seriously surprised if the price curve continues to rise.

All Royal Oak references increase in price

Not only the Ref. 15202 but also other Royal Oak models, such as the Ref. 15500 and the Ref. 15450, have also risen significantly in price. Even the Ref. 14790, which was available for four-figure prices for years, is now scratching the 40,000 euro mark.

If you are looking for an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, you have two options: If it has to be an iconic two- or three-hand model made of stainless steel, there is hardly any other option than to pay the prices called for. The enormous value stability should be a reassuring factor here. Alternatively, look to rare, less sought-after Royal Oak references in full gold or with calendar, day-date or chronograph functions. These models are less hyped, but offer you excellent value for money. In addition, due to the general Audemars Piguet price development, it can also be assumed that these models will eventually become the focus of collectors and enthusiasts.

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