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Baselworld 2019: A new era for the TAG Heuer Autavia

Baselworld 2019: A new era for the TAG Heuer Autavia

Nils Rau

In contrast to the Carrera and Monaco series, the Autavia has never really gone through a makeover. In 2019, its time has finally come. At this year's Baselworld, the Swiss watch manufacturer presented a completely new Autavia collection which we’ve had the privilege to already be able to have a look at. Read on as we talk about the exciting new details!

Autavia stands for automobile and aviation

The history of TAG Heuer Autavia dates back to 1933, when company founder Edouard Heuer developed the first dashboard stopwatch for racing cars, boats and aircraft. The name Autavia is derived from the words "automobile" and "aviation". The wristwatch was launched in 1962 and has pretty much remained unchanged - until now.

This year's relaunch of the collection begins with three-hand watches in stainless steel and bronze. In autumn, TAG Heuer will also be adding a few chronographs to its new Autavia collection.

A perfect all-rounder

The Autavia models have a vivid, detailed look, which should correspond to the spirit of adventure of their wearers and draw its inspiration from the early Autavia models. The design of the Arabic numerals is based on the board clock from the 1930s and the sapphire crystal is discreetly curved. The diameter of 42 millimetres is definitely striking, but the relatively large and convex bezel does not make a big impression on the wrist. Although the watch is definitely not hard to miss, it is still pleasant to look at and wear.

Anyone looking for an elegant toolwatch for every day can find a new companion in the new Autavia. Despite the fact that the crown is not screwed together, it is water-resistant to a depth of up to 100 metres, which makes it a perfect companion for all the stresses and strains of everyday life. The Autavia's character as an all-round talent is also underlined by the quick-change system at the lower end of the bracelets, which allows the bracelets to be changed quickly without the use of tools.

TAG Heuer Autavia 2019: Variety of colours

The colour scheme of the watches is something we absolutely love. The dials are available in brown, olive green and blue. All shades are pleasant and discreet at first glance, but when viewed more closely they are refreshing and individual. With the exception of the entry-level model, which has a stainless steel bezel, all other versions feature a ceramic bezel. All the dials have a rather coarse grain, which contributes to the watch's pleasing richness in detail.

The bronze version will be available with green and brown dials - there are a total of seven versions of the new Autavia.

Sellita-based movement

Inside the watch is the TAG-Heuer caliber 5, which is based on the SW 200 caliber of the Swiss manufacturer Sellita. However, TAG Heuer was not satisfied with taking over the movement without reworking it. Amongst other things, a specially developed carbon spiral spring was used in the movements, which explains the "Isograph" lettering on the dial and is also known within the company as the "Nanograph". The movement offers a stop-seconds function and a quick date adjustment.

Conclusion: Step forward

We are totally here for the relaunch of the TAG Heuer Autavia! Many watch manufacturers limit themselves to Heritage models or other colour variations without developing real innovations. If we keep that in mind, the models presented at Baselworld 2019 are without question a big step forward in the right direction. It is not easy to present an independent yet classic and coherent design nowadays but TAG Heuer has definitely delivered. We’re looking forward to seeing what the chronographs will look like in autumn and what’s to come.