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Our in-house certified watchmaking atelier is the heart of CHRONEXT

Our team of specialists is continually growing with experienced watchmakers, all of which are certified by well-known and renowned manufacturers. Our watchmakers are housed in a 350 square meter workshop, professionally equipped with state of the art technology, ensuring premium services for your luxury watches.
  • In-house watchmaking atelier with certified watchmakers from Breitling, the Swatch Group including Omega, Longines, Rado, and much more

  • The CHRONEXT Certificate guarantees the authenticity and quality of each watch

  • 24-month warranty on all new, pre-owned, and vintage models

  • Spare parts are ordered from the manufacturer

  • Experienced team with modern equipment

The Workshop-Team


Maintenance for your fine timepieces: Did you know that you should complete a full revision of your luxury timepiece every three to five years? Doing so will ensure you invest in the reliability and longevity of your watch. Should you refrain from completing any sort of revision for a prolonged period of time, small damages can occur to your watch including a decrease in water tightness that can ultimately result in rust. Therefore, the continual upkeep of your luxury watch collection is the only way to make sure they remain precise in the long-run.


Professional & safe: Should there already be a defective component on your luxury watch, our certified watchmakers are here for you. Be it a scratch on the bezel or a defective part, one of our watchmakers will resolve the respective issue following a consultation. Should your timepiece require spare parts, you can be assured that they will, of course, be sourced from the manufacturer and we will return the old components to you upon request.


Keep your watches in top shape: The polishing process is comprised of carefully using grinding machines in order to smooth out the surface material of the watch or remove minor unevenness that may be present. The choice of polishing disc ultimately determines the desired finish of the watch.

Handmade leather straps

Made in Germany: Our in-house workshop also provides you with the opportunity to order a new leather strap for your watch. Whether you are searching for a classic bracelet or a strap comprised of alligator, ostrich, or shark – our partner Kaufmann stands for the highest level of craftsmanship and offers a selection that will cater to every preference. Following a purchase, our in-house atelier will be happy to adjust the bracelet to the size of your wrist.