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Tudor Heritage Ranger | 2 Year Warranty

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Tudor Heritage Ranger: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Tudor Heritage Ranger

Extreme conditions and unbreakable willpower are values that describe research expeditions of the 1950s and 1960s. The Tudor Ranger celebrates the courage of pioneer explorers of past times, and is characterised by nearly unparalleled robustness. The timepiece is a modern revision of the original watch from the 1960s and is notable for its simple and elegant exterior design.

Tudor Heritage Ranger

The Nostalgia of pioneering times

The Nostalgia of pioneering times

The Tudor Heritage Ranger combines a pioneering spirit with masculine design elements and is quite noticeably a men’s urban lifestyle watch.

The Heritage Ranger line is based on a pervious Tudor model from 1967. The watch was adapted to suit the preferences of current times. The timepiece now incorporates a satin finish, which complements the overall unique style of the new Tudor Heritage Ranger case. Modern accents round off the classic design features of the 41-millimeter men’s watch. Furthermore, the lugs of the watch are drilled through, meaning that the wearer of the watch can change straps as often as desired. To top off the overall design of the watch, the distinctive Tudor logo is presented on the matte black dial, which is protected under a domed sapphire watch glass.

The Tudor Heritage Ranger convinces with a clear minimalistic dial that is complemented by luminescent hour markers. The hands of the watch are formed in a distinctive pear-shape, which corresponds to the design of the original Tudor Ranger models. The large and satin-finished crown of the watch is elegantly stamped with the classic Tudor rose logo. Furthermore, the crown of the watch is screwed onto a satin-finished tube, which emphasises the detail-oriented expertise of Tudor craftsmanship. The watch is powered by an automatic movement, which comes equipped with a power reserve of 38-hours.

A diverse timepiece

The Tudor Heritage Ranger with four bracelets to choose from

A standout feature of the Tudor Heritage Ranger (Ref. 79910) is its large selection of bracelets. The timepiece is optionally available with 4 bracelet variations, which embody the spirit of adventure and the exploration of uncharted territories. Depending on the material, the watch bracelets mirror cold Polar Regions, the inaccessible wilderness, or the depths of the forests with materials such as leather, stainless steel, and high-quality textile fibres. The Tudor Heritage Ranger symbolises a daring pioneering spirit and captures the joy of courageous expeditions.

The first Tudor Heritage Ranger bracelet is comprised of a bund strap, which is reminiscent of the military style straps that were utilised during world war two, and is made of soft light brown calf leather and fixed with satin-finished rivets. This bracelet option is reminiscent of rough expedition equipment. Furthermore, a satin-finished stainless steel folding clasp reminds the wearer of the bracelets from the 1950s – a time in which tub-types attachments were used by the brand. The third bracelet variant is composed of simple tobacco calf leather and is the perfect option for those who prefer a subtler strap compared to that of the bund strap.

Finally, no matter which bracelet the wearer of a Tudor Heritage Ranger decides upon, the timepiece also comes available with a Camo textile strap. The last of the bracelet variants is reminiscent of the vast exploration of endless forest during pioneering times.

A newly interpreted classic

Tudor & its passion for progress

The Tudor Ranger embodies the perfect combination of adventure, pioneering spirit, and masculine style. The timepiece is inspired by a timeless design and an overall unmistakable vintage aurora. Tudor, which is a subsidiary company of Rolex, places emphasis on the appreciation of their traditional history. The company is renowned for finding inspiration in their past models, and reviving them to suit the preferences of current times, while capturing small design elements from the past. Along with the Tudor Heritage Ranger, the brand has also developed a Heritage Chrono and Heritage Black bay collection.

When looking closely at the history of Tudor, it comes as no surprise that the Ranger was reinterpreted into the current Heritage collection. Tudor has always used its close connection to the field of world expeditions and research projects for inspiration. The courageous members of the British North Greenland Expedition 1952-1954 were equipped with robust Tudor Oyster Prince watches. Tudor celebrates the courage of individuals who bravely venture into distant regions and explore unfamiliar territories with the Heritage Ranger, which impresses with a pronounced style and world-class precision.