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Tudor Heritage Advisor

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Tudor Heritage Advisor

The Tudor Heritage Advisor collection is a particular delight for vintage watch lovers. An earlier Tudor timepiece inspired the Heritage Advisor Collection models. The revived watch radiates with the flair of 50s and 60s designs – a time in which the first Tudor Heritage Advisor conquered the world of watches.

Tudor Heritage Advisor

Retro design meets technological innovation

Tudor launched the Heritage Advisor collection in 2011 and revived the original prototype from the 50s that stood-out thanks to its alarm function. When the sophisticated alarm mechanism was presented in the mid-20th century, it caused a sensation among the watch loving community. Not surprisingly, the Tudor Heritage alarm function is still sough-out in today’s modern age of digitalization. An additional movement module allows for a clear alert to be chimed out from the timepiece.

The design of the Tudor Heritage Advisor is modelled after the original watch from the 50s. Characteristic features of the timepiece include the shape of the watch, the characteristic red alarm hand, and the noteworthy Dauphine hands and bevelled hour markers. Tudor reinvented the classic timepiece to cater to the tastes of modern times. These modifications include an increase in case diameter from 34 to 42-millimeters. The bracelet of the timepiece was also envisioned after the 1957 Advisor. In addition to the three-row steel bracelet and high-grade alligator leather strap, the Tudor Heritage Advisor can optionally be equipped with a black textile strap that is textured with interwoven satin.

From 1957 to now

The Tudor Advisor – a watch with style

With the new edition of the renowned Advisor timepiece, Tudor manages to quicken the heartbeats of vintage lovers who no doubt also enjoy the latest technologies in watchmaking. The original style of the Advisor timepiece remains popular today, which speaks for the timeless design elements that it is comprised of. Therefore, the Tudor Heritage can be worn for many years to come and can also be passed down throughout generations. The timepiece can also be worn in any situation and be paired with countless ensembles.

Although the Tudor is characterised by an old-time aesthetic, it is a timepiece that also stands out thanks to its innovative and modern watch mechanics. The original edition of the Advisor has been extensively improved with a robust casing as well as an ultra precise movement. The Tudor Heritage Advisor therefore guarantees reliability and longevity. The technical highlight of timepiece is of course the dependable alarm clock function, which is a feature that is made possible thanks to the addition of a mechanical alarm clock module that is incorporated into the movement of the watch. Furthermore, a steel pusher that is located at the 8 o’clock marker activates the alarm and signals the practical “on-off” indicator that is located at the 9 o’clock marker.

Black & silver

The Tudor Heritage Advisor models

The Tudor Heritage Advisor collection includes two different models with the Reference numbers 79620T and 79620TN. The two basic models differ when it comes to the dial of the watch, which is presented in black (Ref. 79620TN) or silver (Ref. 79620T). Both models are available in three variations.

The Tudor Heritage Advisor collection is comprised of robust titanium and stainless steel. The diameter of the timepiece measures 42-millimeters and thus perfectly compliments a masculine wrist. The bezel, along with the crown and the pushers of the watch, is also comprised of stainless steel. Furthermore, a strong domed sapphire crystal protects the dial of the watch. Both models feature a date hand and counter, which is composed of a subdial that ranges from 1 to 31, and a hand that points to the day of the month. The Date hand and counter can be located at the 6 o’clock marker. At the 3 o’clock position, a power reserve indicator is displayed. If the power reserve is not sufficient enough for the comprehensive functioning of the alarm clock, winding the crown of the watch can generate a tad of energy. There is also an “on-off” alarm display that indicates whether or not the alarm function has been activated.

At the centre of the Heritage Advisor operates a completely modern self-winding mechanical movement. When it comes to the design elements of the timepiece, the bracelets of the watch contribute greatly to the overall retro feel of the Tudor. Both the Ref. 79620T and Ref. 79620TN can be paired with a classic black alligator leather strap that is secured by a safety clasp or with a sporty-sleek stainless steel bracelet. Furthermore, the Tudor Heritage Advisor can charm with a nostalgic black fabric strap that is secured with a buckle – a design element that carries 1957 flair.

The "little sister" of Rolex

Tudor’s success story

Rolex founder, Hans Wilsdorf, launched Tudor in 1926. The popularity of the wristwatches reached their first peak during this time. The aim of the Tudor brand was to develop wristwatches that while in terms of quality, were just as reliable as a Rolex, but in comparison to a Rolex timepieces, were much more affordable. Watch experts and enthusiasts could not be happier with the Tudor concept.

Hans Wilsdorf registered the name Tudor in 1926. He founded the company 20 years later under the name of Montres Tudor SA. However, there are one or two-Tudor models that were produced before 1946, yet not one individual has a claim to them or knows where they are currently stored away. Following the introduction of the company to the market, Tudor became renowned for professional watches that were specifically catered towards divers. In 1954, the company launched the Oyster Prince Submariner, which quickly became a popular yet affordable diving watch. Tudor was also able to establish itself in the field of chronograph creation among other major watch manufacturers on the market. Tudor launched its first chronograph in 1970 and inspired the development of five successor chronograph models, all of which convince with sophisticated mechanics and a unique design.

Throughout the long history of Tudor, the company has always relied on its long-established traditions and sporty design language. Tudor has succeeded in establishing itself as an independent brand on the watch market, and has gained a large following of fans and clients who place high esteem on the precise high-quality timepieces that impress with a sophisticated design.