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Omega Gold Watches

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Omega gold watches: A feast for the senses

Omega gold watches are a feast for the senses, and the prestigious material accentuates the characteristic case cuts of the Biel-based manufacturer particularly well. Typical Omega gold watches are mainly made of yellow gold or the specially developed red gold alloy Sedna gold. These are warm tones that highlight any watch collection. While watches made of gold used to be part of good taste and stainless steel models were the exception, times have changed nowadays and not least due to the hype around steel watches.

At CHRONEXT, you can get fantastic Omega gold watch prices at, and every purchase includes a guarantee of authenticity. Each model has been tested and certified for authenticity by our in-house watchmakers. This is guaranteed by our 24-month CHRONEXT warranty.

Current models and vintage watches

There is a large variety of Omega gold watches, and these models cater not only to new buyers but especially make the hearts of vintage lovers beat faster. While the Omega collection includes several hundred gold watches, the vintage world offers attractive dress watches and sports watches by Omega in gold. Among the Swiss brand's most popular gold models are the following models:

- Omega Speedmaster (most notably the BA145.022 from 1969)

- Omega Constellation (as an Omega men's watch in gold as well as a gold ladies' watch)

- Omega Genève Dress Watch

Sedna gold and Cera gold

Like many other watch manufacturers, Omega has moved to rethink and revolutionise traditional production methods. With Omega's own Sedna gold, a red-gold variant, the company made a major breakthrough. Sedna Gold is named after the planetoid Sedna, which is known for its red colour. It was developed to give the previous red gold a new shine as well as an exclusive radiance. The result is a unique alloy of gold, palladium and copper that is three times harder than pure gold. The red Omega Gold is extremely successful and is one of the most exciting gold tones the watch industry has offered to date.

Another development is the Ceragold process with which Omega has succeeded, after years of research, in coating ceramic bezels with 18-carat gold. This requires hardening the ceramic bezels at around 1,400 °C, a conductive coating and then a 48-hour electrolytic gold bath. Thanks to the Ceragold technique, every Omega gold watch has a ceramic bezel coating that matches its case material.

Find your perfect Omega gold watch at CHRONEXT

In our online shop, you have the choice of more than 7,000 watches available for immediate delivery, among which your preferred Omega gold watch is guaranteed to be found. At CHRONEXT, you are in safe hands. Whether you are looking for new, pre-owned or vintage models, we offer you our 24-month warranty on every model and guarantee the authenticity and quality of every watch. Our experienced watchmakers do their best every day to make your purchase of an Omega gold watch as simple and as safe as possible.

If you are not interested in buying Omega gold watches, but would rather sell one, you have come to the right place. We offer you the opportunity to trade-in your watches or to sell them directly to us. Simply fill out our enquiry form then we will be in touch within a short time. The collection of your watch is carried out by our longstanding transport partner and is free of charge for you!