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Omega Bullhead

Omega Bullhead: Vintage Chrono and Re-Edition for Connoisseurs

Old watches have a lot to offer, when you get away from the usual suspects of the vintage world, there are all kinds of things to discover. The Omega Bullhead is not only one of the most original and characteristic models, but also one of the Swiss manufacturer's least-known watches. Although the original reference ST.146.011, the Omega Seamaster Bullhead vintage, was reissued in 2013, the Bullhead line-up is still manageable with four editions.

At CHRONEXT, you can obtain numerous models from the Seamaster collection at fair prices, including the Omega Bullhead. Each model has been inspected and authenticated for authenticity by our certified watchmakers. Our 24-month warranty is always included.

Omega Seamaster Bullhead

The rally chronograph of the 1970s

All variants of the Omega Bullhead are now considered "collectable" and are highly prized by watch enthusiasts. The Omega Seamaster Bullhead Vintage watch is probably by far the most sought-after. The current models, on the other hand, combine the best from different decades, pick up on the cult status of past decades and offer a change to one's own collection.

Bullhead models at a glance

  • Original Ref. (1969): Omega Bullhead ST.146.001

  • Re-Edition (2013): Bullhead Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph in white

  • Re-Edition (2013): Bullhead Co-Axial Chronometer Chronograph in black

  • Limited Edition (2015): Bullhead "Rio 2016" (316 pieces)

Ref. ST146.011

The most coveted Omega Bullhead

The Ref. ST 146.011 was launched in 1969 and does full justice to the character of the Omega Seamaster Bullhead Chronograph as a rally watch. Launched as part of the Seamaster series, here under the Chronostop label, the Vintage Bullhead bears the collection's classic seahorse logo on the case cover. The Ref. ST146.011 is a colour feast for the senses and consistently joins the ranks of Omega chronographs from the 1960s and 1970s. The dial is light brown, while the totalizers are black, red and blue. The minute track has been depicted as a stylised chequered flag, as in the Speedmaster Racing series. The chronograph hand of the vintage Bullhead has the shape typical of vintage Omega chronographs and shines in an unmistakable yellow and sometimes also in orange.

Omega Bullhead

Meaning and function

Bullhead watches are chronographs with the crown and chronograph pushers on the upper side of the case rather than on the right. Because the chronograph pushers typically protrude slightly outwards, the case has the appearance of a horned bull. The advantage of this arrangement is obvious, the watch is much easier to operate, as the back of the hand cannot impede the operation of the crown and pushers. This practical horological concept has become particularly popular in rally watches such as the Omega Bullhead Seamaster.

On the Omega Bullhead but also on some Bullhead models from other brands, there is a second crown on the lower side of the case at six o'clock, which can be used to operate an inner bezel of the watch.

Simple and secure

Buy a Omega Bullhead vintage watch and Re-Edition at CHRONEXT

Whether it's new, used or vintage, if you want to buy an Omega Seamaster Bullhead, you will find the right model at CHRONEXT. Thanks to our huge selection of more than 7,000 luxury watches, you will find your dream watch. Every Tuesday and Saturday we present attractive new arrivals on our homepage.

We guarantee the authenticity of every watch: Our certified CHRONEXT watchmakers inspect every model and equip it with our 24-month warranty. This means you are on the safe side and can buy vintage watches such as the Bullhead Ref. ST 146.011 from us without hesitation. With this reference, in particular, it pays to strike early rather than late, as good vintage models are gradually becoming rare and the Omega Bullhead price for the Ref. ST146.011 has risen noticeably.