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Christmas Eve Wristshot: The 5 Best Watches for the 24th of December

Christmas Eve Wristshot: The 5 Best Watches for the 24th of December

Nils Rau

Christmas is one of the most beautiful events of the year. It is not uncommon for preparations to begin weeks, sometimes even months, in advance so that the 24th of December can unfold all of its desired delights. For watch lovers, an additional question arises: which watch should adorn the wrist on Christmas Eve? We've given it some thought – read on to find out more.

A special watch for a special day

Christmas is more than one of the biggest Christian festivals. It is also a multifaceted and contemplative event. A holiday that brings together family and the closest of friends. Family traditions are celebrated and gifts, chosen with great care, are exchanged. The meal is usually planned well in advance, whether the same thing is served every year or whether the evening holds culinary novelties in store. Additionally, special drinks are poured and these not only round off the evening but in the best case, remain in the memory. Christmas music and a lavishly decorated Christmas tree are also a must in many households.

Against this background, it almost goes without saying that no watch aficionado would leave the choice of his wristwatch to chance. It doesn't matter whether it's a particularly valuable or rare timepiece or a watch with which special memories are associated. We have found five watches that look great on the wrist on Christmas Eve.

The Top 5 Luxury Watches

1. The fine dress watch: Nomos Tangente 38 Date

There are two ways to dress on Christmas Eve: Christmas cosy or elegant. A fine dress watch is best suited to elegant clothing. The Nomos Tangente 38 Datum comes from the German manufacturer Nomos Glashütte and is the ideal size for most wrists. Its reduced Bauhaus design gives the watch a minimalist charm but still doesn't sacrifice that certain something. Thanks to the flat case, the wearing comfort could hardly be greater. This watch feels at home not only on the Christmas wrist but also in everyday life. Its price to performance ratio is among the best on the watch market.

Shop the Nomos Tangente

2. The gold watch: Rolex GMT-Master (Ref. 126715CHNR)

If it's going to be a wrist highlight on Christmas Eve, a solid gold sports model from Rolex is the best choice. Especially if it's a warm, pleasing gold tone like Everose gold. Rolex launched two reminiscences of the earlier Root Beer GMT versions in 2018 with the GMT-Master II in bi-colour and full gold, and they hit the bull's eye. The warm, 18-carat rose gold-tone is perfect for Christmas: the Ref. 126715CHNR is a feast for the senses. Once you've had the warm gold on your wrist and got used to the weight, you won't be able to get away from the fascination of gold in a hurry.

Shop the Rolex GMT-Master II now

3. The favourite watch: Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional

Christmas is a festival of devotion and beautiful moments. Therefore, the perfect Christmas watch can also be one with which one associates personal emotions. Choosing the right watch is probably an extremely individual question, every answer is unique. For me, I can answer the question about the most important watch with my Moonwatch. Hardly any other wristwatch melts into its wearer like the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional, it goes everywhere! My Moonwatch has accompanied me to numerous events and milestones over the last few years. It has become my favourite watch and is now worn on all special occasions. On this year's 24th of December, the Moonwatch will also adorn my wrist on a brown suede strap.

Buy Now: Omega Speedmaster

4. The Heirloom watch: Patek Philippe Nautilus

Christmas is the perfect time for vintage family-owned watches. As a family holiday, few occasions lend themselves as well as Christmas Eve to wearing a cherished heirloom full of joy and devotion. According to the famous advertising campaign, a Patek Philippe never belongs to you alone but is always kept for the next generation. It stands to reason that the heirloom in question could be a Patek Philippe like a Nautilus or a Calatrava. When the watch is worn with fine threads, Patek Philippe cufflinks are the sartorial crowning glory.

Shop Patek Philippe Nautilus

5. The watch to go with your Christmas jumper: Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 red (Ref. 124300)

Cosy Christmas is a very popular look. This naturally includes a red Christmas jumper with matching Christmas socks. If Christmas Eve is to be spent a little more elegantly, this look comes into its own at the later on the Christmas holidays. This year, Rolex has presented a watch that matches the Cozy Christmas outfit. The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 (Ref. 1243000) is available with a red dial that refers to the historic, enamelled "Stella dials". These dials were produced between the late 1960s and the 1980s and are now sought-after collectors' items. The colourful Oyster Perpetuals are extremely popular - this is especially true of the red and yellow versions.

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