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Glashütte Original Senator Navigator: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Glashütte Original Senator Navigator

The Senator line from Glashütte Original is an influential collection in the world of watchmaking. The Senator timepieces are renowned worldwide and highly sought after among watch lovers and experts. There are two variations of the Senator pilot’s watches – the Senator Navigator Chronograph and the Senator Navigator Chronograph Panorama Date. Both models are considered two precise instruments of the finest workmanship when it comes to watchmaking.

A distinctive collection from the Glashütte Senator collection

Fascinating in form and function

Fascinating in form and function

Glashütte Original has always culminated traditional watchmaking in their timekeeping masterpieces. The Senator timepieces strongly call out to watch collectors and connoisseurs. Not surprisingly, the Glashütte Original Senator is considered the flagship model of the renowned manufactory and its sister model – the Senator Navigator – combines time-tested design with striking aeronautic optics. The Senator Navigator watches from Glashütte Original easily convince with perfection – both in terms of functionality and unique design.

The Senator Navigator from Glashütte original is the perfect watch for the style-conscious man. The Senator Navigator is a true pilot’s watch that celebrates the courageous profession. Evidently, the Senator navigator is aimed towards lovers of aviation and is a superb addition to any watch collection. The timepiece is no longer being manufactured by Glashütte Original and, therefore, must be discovered on the second-hand market. The price of the timepiece ranges around the 5, 000 Euro mark and varies depending on the version of the chronograph.

Navigate with style

Senator Navigator: simply impressive from the inside out

The Glashütte Original Senator Navigator is powered by the calibre GO 39. As made evident by the name, the timepiece comes equipped with a chronograph function that allows for the short-term measurement of time. It is important to note that later versions of the watch have been replaced with the further powerful calibre GO 100.

The Senator Navigator Chronograph Panorama Date features a large and beautiful date at the twelve o’clock marker – a feature that has come to be characteristic of the luxurious Glashütte Original manufactory.

The timepieces are available in stainless steel and rose gold. Senator Navigator watches are water resistant up to 50 meters and design features include a matte black dial, a white printed scale, and luminous hands and indices – a perfect mechanism for high legibility in dim or unfavourably lit environments. The watch is also equipped with an elegant calfskin bracelet and a stainless steel folding clasp, both of which perfectly complement the black dial and sleek steel hands of the timepiece.

An internationally recognised German Watch

Glashütte watches on the wrists of celebrities

Exquisite watches from Glashütte Original, such as the Senator Navigator, enjoy great popularity not only among watch enthusiasts but also among international celebrities. The manufacturer from Germany simply impresses influential individuals worldwide. Eric Singer, for example, who is the lead drummer from KISS, owns an extensive watch collection from Glashütte Original. Also inspired by Glashütte timepieces is the talented actor Alec Baldwin.

Fans of Glashütte Original tend to appreciate the masterpieces created by the company – all of which incorporate a successful fusion of tradition and modernity that manifests itself both in the movement and the overall design of the watch. The timepieces embody a distinctive aesthetic that has been enjoyed by supporters of the company for over a decade.