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Glashütte Original Pano

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Glashütte Original Pano: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Glashütte Original Pano – A watch with panorama date

The name Pano embodies the timepieces from Glashütte Original that incorporate the characteristic Panorama Date Display known of the renowned manufacturer. The date display is particularly large and has come to be distinguishing of the German manufacturer from Saxony. Some Pano models are now long-established classics of the Glashütte Original collection.

At CHRONEXT, you can find a wide range of Glashütte Original watches. Discover great Pano collections like the PanoReserve or the PanoMatic in our online-shop and secure a smart deal.

The Panorama Date Display from Glashütte Original

Pano Models from Glashütte Original


Glashütte Original honours the horological traditions of the small town in which its timepieces are artfully created. The German craftsmanship of Glashütte Original timepieces incorporates elements that have become expected of the quality watch manufactory.

In the world of Glashütte Original, a big date display is referred to as the “Panorama Date” – an ingenious mechanism that is largely based on the design of the dial. Normally, the movement of a big date utilises a single date disc that incorporate the numbers 1 through 30. With Glashütte Original, on the other hand, watchmakers of the prestigious house utilise two smaller discs – one for the first number of the date, and another for the second number of the date. As a result, the numbers written on each disc can be larger in size and this is where the term “Big Date” is derived from. The title “Panorama Date” is a term reserved for Glashütte original, since the date discs are arranged in a concentric manner, allowing for them to be arranged on the same plane or level within the inner workings of the watch.

Therefore, when it comes to a watch from the Pano collection, the date displayed on the dial of the watch appears larger than that of a display that may appear on a conventional wristwatch. The Panorama Date display alters the appearance of the entire dial and incorporates a special charm to the Glashütte Original Pano models.

A small town with a big name

Glashütte Original easily demonstrates that it is not only Switzerland that can produce renowned luxury watches. It comes as no surprise that Glashütte Original, a traditional watchmaker from Germany, has gained a large follower base among not only watch lovers and collectors from around the globe, but also among celebrities and influential figures. Among other prominent individuals, Eric Singer, Alec Baldwin, and Iris Berben are long-time fans of the exquisite Glashütte Original timepieces.

It goes without saying that a Glashütte Original timepiece provides an air of elegance to any ensemble. A Glashütte Original Panomatic or Glashütte Original Panograph fits perfectly with a range of styles – with anything from a professional and sleek business suit to a stylish and casual leather jacket. Glashütte Original exceeds the demanding requirements of any watch aficionado. Those who invest in a Glashütte Original timepiece enjoy a lifetime of reliable precision and timeless design.

The date in focus

The Pano models from Glashütte Original

Glashütte Original has brought forth many different versions of the PanoMatic over the years. Therefore, many models are no longer being manufactured by the company and enjoy great popularity on the second-hand market. The latest PanoMatic collection also offers a large variety both for men and women alike.

Buy Glashütte Original Pano watches online

Not only the Glashütte Original Pano offers you an ideal price-performance ratio. Many other collections from Glashütte impress with keen mechanics at fair prices. Discover Pano models like the PanoReserve or the PanoMatic at attractive prices.