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A. Lange & Söhne Tourbograph Pour Le Mérite: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

A. Lange & Söhne Tourbograph Pour le Mérite

The Glashütte watch manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne revived a watch of superlatives on the occasion of their 15th anniversary. The Tourbograph Pour le Mérite was launched in 2005 and raised the bar for precision standards. The production of these timepieces was limited to one per month simply due to the complexity of their creation.

The anniversary collection

A masterpiece of Haute Horlogerie

Lange watches have always convinced with select materials, innovative mechanics, and impressive production techniques. Watch enthusiasts worldwide are in persistent anticipation to determine what’s coming next from the traditional German manufactory.

The Tourbograph Pour le Mérite is the pinnacle of horological brilliance. The timepiece was presented to the market thanks to the work of the famous watchmaker Reinhard Meis alongside a team of world-class watch designers. The name Pour le Mérite is reminiscent of the Order of Merit of the Prussian Crown. It was an award of civil and military merit, which was established by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV in 1842. Alexander von Humboldt – a Prussian geographer, naturalist, and explorer – whose work laid the foundation for the field of meteorological monitoring, inspired the award.

The honourable name of the watch certainly testifies to its outstanding performance. The Tourbograph Pour le Mérite is dedicated to the co-founder of the revived A. Lange & Söhne Company, Günter Blümlein, who succumbed to his illness in 2001. The fine timepiece remembers his visionary work.

A limited edition

Simply enchanting: the Tourbograph Pour le Mérite

The special edition Tourbograph Pour le Mérite was limited to 101 watches. Due to the technical complexity of the manufacturing, decorating, constructing, and testing of the timepieces, A. Lange and Söhne was only able to complete the production of 51 Platinum models by the end of 2009 (Ref. 702 025). 50 gold versions (Ref. 712050) of the timepieces were again presented in 2010, in honour founder Ferdinand A. Lange. The Tourbograph Pour le Mérite is comprised of a distinct honey-gold 18-carat gold case that was exclusively developed for A. Lange & Söhne. It has a Vickers hardness of over 300, which makes the watch twice as hard as watches comprised of other gold alloys.

Tourbograph Pour le Mérite

A large complication

The Tourbograph Pour le Mérite 165 Years is a special edition timepiece that pays homage to F.A. Lange. The watch features a variety of technical tricks and is the first watch in history to incorporate a one-minute tourbillon, a fuse chain escapement, a rattrapante chronograph, along with a power reserve indicator. The watch is composed of over 1000 parts, each of which is finished by hand. The rattrapante chronograph is a 30-minute counter that includes two separate stopwatch mechanisms used to measure two separate durations of time. That is why the dial is fitted with two chronograph seconds hands.

At the heart of the Tourbograph Pour le Mérite 165 Years is the manual Lange manufacture movement L903.0. The intricate tourbillon mechanism can be viewed both through an open portion of the front dial as well as through the sapphire case back of the watch.